Jax Callow

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Jax was a low ranking hygiene specialist (cleaner) on the Orpheus who came to the attention of the senior officers when his quick thinking uncovered a plot to kill some of the crew by bounty hunters on Dust. He was put in charge of the team trying to discover more information about this event and eventually recruited Alexander Jurgenson‎ to the ship. He has since been promoted for his efforts.

Jax grew up on an agri-planet, but speaks very little of his past. He's a rogue through and through, preferring to spend his shore leave in seedy dives, charming and deceiving the locals out of their coin. He's not much for close combat, but is a good shot if cornered. He sports a deep scar across his left hand. When asked, he tells a story of a particularly colourful bar fight that gets more colourful on each retelling.