Highest Noon, Lowest Dawn

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<metadesc>Craig's Dark Heresy campaign set in the Calixis sector of the 40k universe</metadesc> Highest Noon, Lowest Dawn is a campaign for Dark Heresy, set on the Rimward edge of the Calixis Sector.


The Highest Noon, a sun both sides; Light bathes the planes, and life supplies
Fragment of Altayan Rhyme, author unknown

A group of novice acolytes brought together by Inquisitor Adrene L’Hes has been sent to the agri-world Altaya, asked to investigate an unusual number of powerful psykers discovered by the Inquisitors aboard the Black Ships when the planets tithe was collected. The acolytes have been ordered to remain undercover, and to report their findings to Damar Zask, an ex guardsman in the Inquisitor’s employ, based at a safe house on the hive planet Clove.





Whorl - Assassin, Feral World

Brula - Sanctioned Psyker, Feral World

Dramatis Personae

  • Damar Zask