Hammer of the Gods

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Hammer of the Gods is a Scion-game. A rule-system by White Wolf in which you take the role as an offspring of one of the "old" gods, in this case specifically the Aesir, the nordic pantheon.

What is "Hammer of the Gods"

“Hammer of the Gods” aims at being an episodic Scion game in which the players assume characters which belong to a special task-force created by the Aesir. The episodes will (hopefully) be completed after 1 game-session with the option that a particular “mission” might expand. The players will, of course, keep their character from mission to mission, but I will keep a number of pregenerated characters on hand for newcomers and “untimely deaths”. The short missions will only loosely be bound by an story-arc.

The Setup

I plan to set this up as an ongoing one-shot opportunity. My current plan is to wait (almost) every evening in the GAMES HUB for any interested players to show up. If enough players follow the call, we play Scion, otherwise the opportunity can be used to socialize. If on any given evening I will be unable to wait for the interested parties I will make an appropriate announcement.

The reason for this setup is my profession. I cannot keep up a long-going chronicle (no matter how much I would want to) because after 1 maximum 2 months I have to rejoin a vessel in world-wide traffic. Therefore I think that the episodic approach would work best.


This Task-force was created by the Aesir to respond to arising threats from the awakening titan spawn and/or rival pantheons.

Upon his Visitation an European Scion of the Aesir get’s the date and place where he has to wait for the pickup to arrive. The Scion is then delivered to “The Base”.

The Base exists in a minor Side-realm with very low requirements of entry. The earthly entrance is in the Hartz-mountain range in Germany, specifically on the mountain “Brocken” which is famous for being the dancing ground of witches on “Walpurgis-night”. This provides a good cover for the supernatural dealings going on in this place.

The doorway to the side-realm is the centre of the military appearing base on the summit of the Brocken. This base is watched 24/7 by ex-military security detail armed with modern weaponry and constantly trained. These military men are completely loyal to the “Base Guardian”, thanks to Jotunblut. The "Master at Arms" is the head of the security forces.

It is questionable if there are similar “chapterhouses” on the other continents, especially in the United States. The Aesir generally leave Asia and Japan to the “Amatsukami”, “Celestial Bureaucracy”, “Devas” and others, as well as Africa to the “Loa” and “Pesedjet” and Central- and South-America to the Atzlanti. Southern Europe is a contested region most often claimed by the “Dodekatheon”. Occasional incursions by the Aesir exist but they generally dislike the “feel” of the humans. The Mjölnir-organization is headed by three demigods. The “Master of Operation” is a scion of Heimdall, the “Master at Arms” is a scion of Tyr and finally the “Master of House” is a scion of Syf.

These three are not the only demigod-level scions in attendance but they have been charged by Odin to lead the Organization.