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Name: Frank Rock

Alias: Sargent Rock, Grave Digger

Powers: None

Background: Frank Rocks past is unknown, it is rumoured that he fought in the Second World War and infact ever other major conflict for a century or more. However, it is known that he was placed in charge of the military forces which attempted to retake Coast City from the Alien Invaders. It was believed that he, like most of his command, had been killed when the city was subjected to orbital bombardment. However, it appears that he survived in body if not in mind and held himself responsible for the massacre taking it upon himself to build memorials for all of those who fell in Coast City.

When he was found almost 2 decades later he had covered most of the city with grave markers. When the heroes came to the city trying to find Green Lantern they suspected that Rock was in fact him. However, they were proved wrong when the ruler of the small town harbouring Coast city survivors was revealed to in fact be Green Lantern himself. As the town was attacked by the Aliens, Rock snapped out of his daze and helped defeat them. He volunteered to go back to Metropolis with them and helped train many resistance fighters, his military knowledge helped the resistance locate several weapons caches and remaining military units including the surviving Black Hawks. He helped to lead the non-super powered fighters during the revolution and was appointed the leader of the Metropolis guard afterwards.

When it was formed he was given control of the Ultramarine corps. There was a growing attraction between Rock and Wonder Woman and shortly after the Revolution she bore him a son, Antiopus Rock. However, they did not remain together for long and later separated on good terms. Rock and his son were some of the people kidnapped by Brother Eye's OMACs when they first appeared although Rock was quickly recovered from the Mexican military base he was being held in his son was not found. While recovering from his ordeal Brother Eye tried to take over the world and Rock was temporarily turned into an OMAC mark 3. Once Brother Eye was defeated Rock resigned from the corps and travelled the world with Wonder Woman attempting to locate their missing son.