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Name: Gordon Luthor

Alias: Gates

Powers: Gates possessed a black trench coat which contained Alien technology which allowed him to teleport over long distances (transcontinental). The coat allows his to take anything he can carry with him but does not allow any other individual to be transported with him. It is unknown where the coat came from but it may have been provided by his father. It is possible that Gates has some form of Meta power which aids the coat as no other individual has been able to use it with anything like the effectiveness he has.

Background: Gates was first introduced as the teams connection to the larger resistance, he informed them of the transport of the divice that turned out to be the JLA's black box and later informed them of the Luthor-built bunker needed to extract the information from it. He was eventually shown to be working for Lex Luthor who was revealed to be his father. Gates' mother was Mercy, one of Lex's bodyguards who claimed to be an Amazon: what happened to her is unknown but she is presumed to be dead. His Amazon heritage was shown when the system used to detect Wonder Woman also located him. Gates continued to be an important part of the Resistance in the lead up to the rebellion using his powers to transport orders from cell to cell. After the overthrow of the Aliens, Gates held an important role in his father's government and was groomed as his successor when Lex became the chairman of the League.

Unknown to her mother, Fury began a romance with Gates when she was appointed to be his body guard. Later, after Gates was injured in an assassination attempt made by one of the mark 2 OMACs, the pair got engaged. However, while he was in hospital evidence came to light that he had at some point undergone brain surgery. Gates claimed that he had been injured during the Rebellion but others suspected that his brain had been replaced by that of Lex Luthor at some point in the past and that the real Gates was dead. During Brother Eye's rule, Gates and Fury fled to a military bunker and tried to organise a counter attack using Metropolis guard and Ultramarine forces, he launched several missiles at Brother Eye's base but was unsuccessful at damaging it. After Brother Eye's defeat Gates continued to rule Metropolis but further rumours of him being Lex Luthor eventually forced him from office and split him from Fury. He was not heard from for several years until most recently he was rumoured to be working with the few remaining Aliens on Earth to create a biological weapon for use on Humans. This plan was stopped by Legion and his current status is not known.