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Name: Hippolyta

Alias: Fury, Orana, Wonder Woman

Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Toughness

Background: Fury is a clone of the Amazon Orana, like the new Wonder Woman she was created by the Dominators using samples from the original Orana's body. When she was rescued from the lab she was created in she was physically about 8 years old although mentally only 3-4. She was adopted by her clone 'sister' and treated as her daughter, she learned quickly and by her early teens her physical and mental ages more or less match. After the overthrow of the Aliens she was one of the first members of the Ultramarine Corps and was also a member of her 'mothers' settlement. Her main role as part of the Corps was to act as Gates' bodyguard although she also carried out other duties. During her bodyguard duties she felt a connection with Gates and they became lovers.

During Brother Eye's attack, Gates proposed to her and much to her "mother's" horror she accepted. Then rumours started that Gates had had [Lex Luthor]'s brain implanted into him and her doubts grew: the two of them split up shortly after and Fury was left pregnant with Gates children. She returned to her mothers home and gave birth to twin daughters Diana and Antiope. While her 'mother' searched for her missing son, Fury returned to her role in the Ultramarines and rose through the ranks becoming a senior commander. When the Daxamites returned and the Corps were replaced by Legion, Fury argued against Earth's loss of independence but was overruled. She has remained very much in the public eye as a figurehead for the anti-Daxamite feeling among Earth Government.