Fumbles and Criticals

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A House rule for Ashes of Freedom, this particular rule allows for random chance to enter the battlefield. Even the most powerful warrior can loose their footing. A lowly bowman can bring down a dragon.

This rule only affects skill checks and combat rolls.

  • A natural roll of 1 on a D20 is always a critical failure, with dramatic or humorous consequences, defined by the DM.
  • A natural 20 roll on a D20 is a critical hit. This means that the amount of resulting dice that could could be rolled are doubled (a 2d6 roll equals 4d6, 5d4 equals 10d4 etc.). Any additional pluses or dice (such as the extra d12 from a vicious axe +1) are added after the dice have been doubled. For skill use, this means that there is some additional benefit - e.g. more information is gained, or a masterwork item is created.