Enemy Within - Session 8

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Johann went off in search of a good horse to buy and Grom tagged along to keep him company.

Ludo went round the town, visiting wool merchants, and successfully sold our cargo for more than it was worth. We then went to a local dockyard inn where Ludo bought drinks for everyone. While there, we heard tales of a dockworker who was found dead covered in what looked like rat bites, and also that the town’s rat and cat populations seemed to be disappearing. Priscilla didn’t seem too happy about this and mentioned something about a humanoid spider chaos mutant by the name of Piotr who was chopped into pieces and burned on the group’s last visit to Weissbruck... We also overheard rumours of possible civil war within the Empire. This gave Priscilla the idea of going into the arms trade, however, this was quickly quashed as going through town with weapons would draw too much attention.

As Priscilla was keen to begin her pharmacy training we then headed to Elvyra’s house. On arriving there things didn’t look too good. One of the windows was broken and the door was ajar; inside, things weren’t much better. The house had been ransacked, powders and herbs were strewn across the floor, drawers and cupboards open, as though someone was looking for something. There was no sign of Elvyra, but there was blood near the window and a note, saying to bring what they want to the red barn later that night. Rather interestingly, there was a symbol on the note, the same one that was on our ship before we painted over it and renamed her Queen of the Reik. Ludo ran to find the Watch while the rest of the group looked through the house.

Tyra felt an odd draught coming from a cupboard, so she moved it out of the way and found a secret passageway leading down. Being an elf with night vision, Priscilla volunteered to lead the way down, then wished she hadn’t , as she came across a missing step in the staircase and went tumbling down to the bottom, spraining her ankle as she went. Ilsa and Tyra, now fluent in several Elvish curse words made their way down, avoiding the missing step, to make sure Priscilla was ok. A small dark shape ran past them and Tyra reached out to grab it, and was then bitten by a little girl with pigtails. The child was hysterical and scared so Tyra slapped her across the face, which really didn’t help, Ilsa, however, did manage to calm her down. It turned out the child was Elvyra’s niece who was staying with her, and that a few days ago some bad men came and took Elvyra away after a lot of shouting. Ludo then arrived with the Watch, who told us they would investigate Elvyra’s disappearance and take care of the child.

We went to speak to the dockmaster, who for a small fee, told us that a few days ago six thuggish looking men came into dock on a ship called The Lucky Lady, five of them got off carrying a large box, then the ship left dock, but is scheduled to return.

The group then headed off to the red barn to rescue Elvyra. Ludo scaled the side of the barn wall and looked inside. He could see Elvyra tied up and that there were five men inside. Unfortunately as he was looking through the window, the guttering he was holding onto started to come away from the building, he dropped to the ground and ran back to the trees where the rest of us were. We started planning our assault, which invariably involved setting fire to the barn at some point. Ludo went round to the back of the barn with a Molotov cocktail and waited for Priscilla’s signal. One of the men came out the front door, Priscilla and Ilsa took consecutive shots at him and pinned him to the door with direct arrow hits. Tyra crept round to the back of the barn to join Ludo, so that we had them surrounded. Priscilla and Ilsa continued to take pot shots at the men nearest the barn windows and succeeded in killing a second man, but Priscilla took an arrow to the side of the head for her trouble. Now, severely pissed off, she gave the kidnappers an ultimatum: let Elvyra go and they would be allowed to leave, hurt her, and we would burn the barn. One of the men then proceeded to hold Elvyra at knife point next to the window and pushed her out! Ludo threw the Molatov cocktail, and the barn went up with a whumpf as all the hay caught fire; Tyra caught Elvyra, and all three of them ran round to the front of the now burning barn to join Priscilla and Ilsa. The group watched as burning men staggered out of the barn, and dropped dead beneath the flaming debris shower. We took Elvyra back to her home, she was badly shaken, and all she would say about what happened was that she worked for someone a long time ago…

Having killed five of the men, we remembered the sixth was supposed to return with the boat later that night, so we went back to the dockyard to see who turned up. We stood partly-hidden in the dark, and eventually we saw The Lucky Lady come into view; she sailed past without stopping, but we got a good look at the sixth man, it was none other than Adolphus Kuftsos – who it would appear Elvyra has had past dealings with.

We went back to the inn where we discovered a slight problem; a visiting merchant had been killed, his room was sprayed with blood and there was no body. Priscilla noticed a trail of blood leading from the window which we all followed and led us to a well. Both Ludo and Priscilla recognised it as the well that Chaos mutant-Piotr had been living in on their last visit, and they wanted to leave. Tyra had other ideas though. She leant over the edge of the well and threw some rocks down it while calling out. The others thought this was a very bad idea, and they turned out to be right when Tyra realised that the rocks weren’t rocks, they were actually mutant slugs and she now had weird slime all over her hand that wouldn’t come off! Priscilla decided we would go back to Elvyra’s as she still had to get her head stitched following the arrow wound she got earlier, and also the sooner Tyra was to get the slime off her hand, the better it would be, as it had started to feel weird. Ludo told her she was tainted with Chaos and not to touch anyone or anything with that hand.

Back at Elvyra’s, Priscilla’s head was smeared in green gunk and stitched up. Tyra’s hand was cleaned, only, now it was purple. The others thought this was bad Chaosy mojo, but Tyra thought the fact that she now had a purple hand was actually pretty cool, and was slightly disappointed when Elvyra told her it would fade!

The group decide to have a little down-time while they await the return of Johann and Grom. Priscilla is about to begin her pharmacy training, Ludo is waiting for the right time to ask Elvyra about Kuftsos, Tyra has gone to find a scribe and Ilsa has gone to see about buying coal so that we can trade it in Altdorf.