Enemy Within - Session 2

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Hearing strange chanting and seeing a worrying glow coming from the basement – as well as what may have been the body of a dwarf lying bound in the corner - the party decided that it needed investigating. Leaving the oversized barman tied up in the bar with Ludo watching over him, our acrobatic elf hung upside down to take a pot shot at the supposed Roadwarden who was busy chanting a mantra to a mysterious statue. The shot missed, and as the prone form of the Dwarf in the basement began to struggle, it seemed the heroes had the dark cultist’s attention.

Fritz and Johann dropped down into the basement, while the elf and Sieb planned on supplying covering fire through the trapdoor. An arrow stuck home without doing any harm, but as the mysterious Dwarf worked on freeing himself a horrific figure formed out of the glowing pink energy emanating from the engravings on the ground.

The demon advanced, flinging Hans out of its way, and revealing the mutated growths on his body. While Fritz and Johann stood frozen in fear, the elf dropped in front of them and was badly mauled by the Horror. The Dwarf freed himself from his bonds, stood up and found himself flung from one end of the room to the other, landing beside the mutant Hans.

As this was happening downstairs, Ludo and Sieb had found their own trouble in the bar – another mutant swung down from amongst the rafters. Seib handily dealt with it, while Ludo tried his best with his sling. The barman tried to make his escape, wriggling his way towards the stairs with his hands and feet tied. Sieb struck him down before he snuck off any further.

In the basement, the party stuck down the strange pink demon, only for it to start to coalesce into two new blue figures. Fritz recovered from his shock to run one through with his spear before it was fully formed, and the second was swiftly dealt with shortly thereafter. The Dwarf and Hans slugged it out at the far end of the room, but the fight quickly became one sided when the rest of the party joined in. As the party ended the life of the cultist, the walls began to shimmer and mutate – while less noble souls ran for the ladder, Johann kept a clear head and smashed the strange statue with his axe, ending the madness. Having been left to have a look around, Johann and the elf discovered a wooden chest containing a substantial amount of gold coins.

As dawn broke over the Inn, a party of road wardens pounded on the gate. Although initially wary, the party let them into the courtyard. As Ludo, Seib and Fritz explained what had happened during the night, the stagecoach that had left town behind them pulled up. Although the noble lady passenger turned down Ludo’s offer of some beer to quench her thirst, the party did agree that it was for the best if they were to travel with the coach for the remainder of the journey to Altdorf. Thankfully for the wounded members of the party, the rest of the journey passed without incident.

In Altdorf itself, Sieb had a strange encounter with a pair of locals, who approached him while rubbing their left ears vigorously, who seemed to be expecting some kind of response, but wouldn’t say who they were. Sieb watched them greet a strange man in a wide brimmed hat and disappear into a house on the edge of the square.

The party found food, lodgings and an old friend of Ludo’s in a nearby inn. They retired for the night after carefully avoiding starting a fight with some local young nobles and a grim figure dressed in black who left the inn together.

The party headed their separate ways in the morning – most headed for the markets to pick up weapons and supplies, while the badly wounded headed for the temple to seek healing. As they made their way around town, they heard stories of two nobles being murdered in the night, and that the watch were looking for the group they had been spotted speaking to. Sieb headed to watch over the house in the town square that the two strange gentlemen had gone into, but was unable to track them after seeing them leave. He briefly tried the doors, but found them all locked and didn’t want to push his luck in broad daylight.

As the party headed back to their lodgings, they discovered quite a commotion – the two men who Sieb had been trying to track lay dead in the road, only yards from the inn, seemingly shot by a man hidden on a nearby rooftop. On the chests of the two men, the party spotted purple hand tattoos, matching those they one they had seen on Sieb's look a like's body a few days earlier. Deciding that this needed investigating, the party headed back to the house on the town square at nightfall, breaking in to find no clues other than a number of discarded cheroot butts. Unable to find a trail to follow, the party tried the other end of the path, climbing to the rooftop above the murder scene. More cheerot butts lay around, but there was no way to tell where the assassin came from or headed to.

The next morning, Sieb and Johann met briefly with the College of Heraldry – confirming that the letter found amongst Sieb’s look a like’s body might in fact be genuine – while the elf discovered that the adventurous expedition to the grey mountains that the party had been so keen on getting paid for had in fact already left.

With the bodies piling up around them, and the watch supposedly interested in speaking to them, the group decided that it may be best to leave town and arranged passage with Ludo’s friend. They headed upriver towards the excitement of the Schaffenfest.