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<metadesc>NPCs and factions from the D&D Ashes of Freedom setting, including details of those decesaes and stats for the heroes.</metadesc> <keywords content="ashes of freedom pcs, ashes of freedom factions, politics in Volkrania, mandragora opponents, blackclaw goblins, the remnant mandragora, cult of the dragon, house xeduus, shadow government, the dark seed, shadar-kai" /> Consisting of the various Volkranian heroes and others.

The Players

3.6 Edition PCs

4th Edition PCs

Other characters

  • Advar ko Shalis. A mysterious Shadar-kai individual (and ally?) encountered in Hammerfall Pass.
  • Aeron Inafel. A long-time friend of Kratishold PCs. To be married to Ehlora ko Tarin.
  • Akran, a Dwarven Gut-buster from Koshrak's View. A Dwarf of dubious personal hygiene with a death-wish.
  • Alexandrou ko Danshar. Primarch of the Temple of the Raven Queen in Tagraad.
  • Atol Iphar. A bodyguard to Sharn Ephahi.
  • Azorg. A Goblin Chieftain of the Blood Claw tribe, killed near Taldan by BlackClaw Goblins.
  • Dexter. A Human wizard from Shimmerbridge specialising in illusions, killed by Sarthis.
  • Ethan Quarry. The tough and uncompromising Sheriff of Hammerfall Pass's town watch, the Custodians.
  • Ehlora ko Tarin. The fiance of Aeron Inafel from Kratishold.
  • Elgar. A local businessman of ill-repute in Taldan.
  • Gavaad Ragaan. Paladin brother of Kaavid Ragaan, last seen heading toward Shimmerbridge.
  • Idriss kal Doran, Dwarven Master-of-Arms for Baron Johan Kratys in Kratishold.
  • Illuminati Jeron. Head of Temple of Pelor in Tagraad.
  • Johan Kratys, Baron. Young ruler of Kratishold.
  • Jucos Versted. Mayor of Kratishold.
  • Kaavid Ragaan. A mysterious individual and a crime lord, responsible for smuggling weapons to goblins. believed by some to be The Master.
  • Kalaan Phaeriz. Human informer for the Temple of Pelor. Missing in Taldan.
  • Mazarov Brothers, The. Linked to Kaavid Ragaan - deceased human thugs.
  • Master, The. The Master - a mysterious human (?) who appears to be heavily involved in the Shadow Government, but is following another agenda.
  • Nitari Valshar. A Necromancer, responsible for Undead attacks and murders in Hammerfall Pass and Shimmerbridge.
  • Norrin Damor (Father). The Cleric of Pelor living in Kratishold.
  • Osric Inafel. Father to Aeron Inafel and is a retired guard who make a living as a spice merchant between Kratishold, Koshrak's View, Summervale, and Hammerfall Pass. He is something of a lush and a blowhard.
  • Pyrrhus. A Great Wyrm Red Dragon, known for treasuring art over gold.
  • Sarthis. A deadly Black Mandragora assassin, one of the Dark Seed.
  • Sharn Ephahi. A human(?) wizard from the South living in Kratishold, or so he claimed. Actually Hapalsharuss, a Green Mandragora Wizard and spy. he later became Ambassador for the Empire to Volkraad.
  • Taron ko Braenaon. An irascible, gruff and tough individual. A senior cleric of Pelor in Volkraad.
  • Toghan Irmus. Former adventurer and Kratishold's blacksmith.
  • Wilberforce. A Halfling from Shimmerbridge. A belligerent, yet keen investigator in the town Watch.

Organisations and factions