Copper Mandragora

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Copper Mandragora - the administrators & organisers.

Copper Mandragora are physically unimpressive and somewhat unattractive, with scales resembling a muddy brown colour. Their hides are gnarled, and two small horns curve up and behind their head. They are winged, but rarely use them, although they do flap them irritably when angry. They are very fond of jewellery and tend to display their wealth as ostentatiously as possible, including any magical items that they might have. Copper Mandragora have a penchant for brightly coloured clothing that can easily be deemed tasteless, and at first glance many appear to be little more than overdressed fops.

The Copper Mandragora are possibly the least popular subspecies of the entire Mandragora race. They are responsible for the bureaucracy and organisation of Mandragora society, and almost every Mandragor has a tale of some run-in with a Copper official, over some transgression (whether real or imagined). While the Gold rule, inevitably the Copper Mandragora finally draft the policies, and issue the orders for the implementation of those policies. They almost exclusively fill all the posts in the bureaucracy and legal professions. It is too easy to dismiss the Copper as foppish pen pushers, and to overlook the fact that they have exceptional well-ordered minds and a fine eye for detail - eidetic or photographic memory is a common trait amongst them. Some of them are accomplished enough to become Magi or Shipmasters, but most find themselves employed within administrative or bureaucratic posts. Copper Mandragora are severely lacking in imagination, a trait that makes them the brunt of a number of jokes and satirical ballads. However, this aspect of their personality also makes then very good observers - simply describing what they see, rather than what they thought they saw.

The Copper Mandragora are very self-confident – some would say overconfident - individuals, and have a tendency toward a somewhat inflated sense of their own importance. Their arrogance does little to endear them to their fellows, and the political chicanery amongst Copper Mandragora is even more frenetic than elsewhere on Lonaraban. Copper Mandragora are known for their relatively timid dispositions. They are extremely conservative and fear changes that can affect their way of life, and there are very few Renegade Copper consequently. Weaponry among the Copper is a matter of personal preference; whatever style of weapon is currently in vogue will see use by the Copper Mandragora.