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One of the technologies mastered by the Dominators while in control of Earth was that of cloning. There existed two types of clones those made from a specific individual and mass-produced clones. Individual specific clones were made to act as spies and infiltrators by the Dominators or to allow the study of specific meta-human powers. Often these clones would not have any knowledge they were clones until they were activated. Mass-produced clones tended to follow specific templates of powers and were used as guards or soldiers. Unexpectedly mass produced clones were not always identical being of different genders and races although they tend to have similar builds. By the end of the Alien Invasion there were several million clones on the planet, possibly as much as 10% of the total population and in some areas such as Argentina clones are in the majority. Clones were often mistrusted as it was felt they may often be programmed by the Aliens as was seen when a large number of clones turned on regular humans in 2013. In more modern times clones are more trusted and may reach positions of powers. Clones are normally fertile and second and third generations now exist although there is a higher than normal rate of birth defects among children of the same clone type.

The most common types of mass produced clones are: -