City Life Pt.3

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It is the day of the auction.

The group arrives at the auction which holds a number of curios, including an unusual mirror.

When the attendees arrive, the auction proceeds as planned. Damien Kross intones a Detect Thought spell and tries to scan the folk nearby. Before the Tooth of the Abyss is auctioned, the Mirror of Nitocris is sold to Algon Nivitra. He leaves, shortly after his purchase: leaving Damien to scan Elora Kotalos, who seems to have no will of her own. A black glow pulses from beneath her hand as the group notices her. outside, a group of townsfolk are set on causing mayhem and a riot erupts. The lack of the City Watch also implies that someone has been paid off...

Whatever it is that Elora is holding, it suddenly flares with black light: a Vrock Tanar'ri and three Abyssal Ravagers crouch there. In the battle that follows, the Vrock discovers the fake Tooth of the Abyss, and knows it for the counterfeit it is. Although the PCs are victorious, it is likely the Cult of Demogorgon know the fake for what it is.