City Life Pt.2

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The group spends their time arranging the auction: Hapalsharuss provides an excellent fake of the Tooth of the Abyss, and the group setup the auction at Argandas Auction House.

After checking the layout of the place, the group take up observation of the house in the Three Feathers Inn nearby. As the auction is closed to outsiders the group decides to break in and ascertain who is on the list - certain that one of the Demogorgon Cult will attempt to purchase the item.

The group successfully break in, and gain the list. Over the course of the next few days they learn that the following individuals are involved:

  • Ingsoll Valar, a local miser with an interest in old weapons. He lives in a fortified house and doesn't admit visitors.
  • Lady Agatha Kotalos, a middle-aged Highborn woman who sees herself a Medium or Occultist. Her daughter, Elora shares her fetish for the fey.
  • Sir Delos Wainwright, a young noble visiting from Tagraad. He is staying at the Three Feathers.
  • Algon Nivitra. A visitor to the town, he is staying with the Noran family. Very little is known about him.
  • Dalos Kalan is a bookish scholar with a fascination for old weapons. He is also staying at the Three feathers.
  • The final guest is the Comte de Lyone, Rafael de Fabrizi. A loud, flamboyant character who made his way in the New World, he is popular with the ladies and is staying at the Three Feathers as well.

The group secure interviews with the auction attendees and begin to formulate their suspicions..