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After spending several years outside of the Abyss area repairing and recrewing, the Orpheus returned. The ship exited the warp near the planet marked on their charts as Bunkerworld. The planet was smaller than earth but showed a gravity about equal to humanity's home planet. Further scans indicated that the planet was hollow with most of its structure being made up of mile after mile of tunnels: it was possible that the whole planet was an artificial construction. The surface itself was dry and sterile with no sign of any life and an atmosphere barely able to support human life. However, there was a locator beacon on the surface.

A scouting team was sent down to the planet. The beacon proved to be from a small Adeptus Mechanicus base consisting of 4 habitation tents and a larger lab tent. All but one of the tents were empty and the generators in them powerless but in the remaining tent the mummified remains of a tech priest could be found. The lab tent contained several small artefacts removed from the planet including several boxes of 'rubic cube'-like objects with different coloured sides. The camp itself was next to a cliff into which an entrance hole had been cut leading to the rooms and tunnels within the planet. Declaring the area safe, more troops and officers were brought down to the planet.

A team entered the planet itself finding them selves in a large control room, present was a Adeptus Mechanicus cutting tool. None of the controls seemed to work and the only exit was a closed hatch in the floor which showed signs that it had previously been forced open. upon opening the hatch a long tunnel was found to lead into the ground with an oddly proportioned ladder. The team descended into the darkness one by one. Several of them lost their grip on the ladder and fell injuring themselves. At the bottom of the ladder was another hatch: upon opening this, a strong wind blew back up the tunnel, strong enough to lift a man. Fighting against the wind, the team made their way through the second hatch to find out that gravity suddenly changed direction when they entered another control room, likewise without power. A quick search revealed the bodies of most of the Adeptus Mechanicus team who seemed to have killed each other.

More and more people were brought into the complex to start exploring and mapping it. The planet seemed to consist of endless corridors without any clear purpose. Several of which showed the same strange changes in gravity as previously seen. One team found a slightly different door which seemed to have a warning engraved upon it. Upon opening this door a giant spider was found, the squad attacked it and it exploded into a cloud of dust. Some of this dust seemed to rise up off the floor and surrounded one of the squad members, the encased trooper began to scream and visibly began to dehydrate. The other squad members attacked and killed the effected trooper. A black smoky shape left the unfortunate trooper and started to attack the rest of the squad and they retreated through a hatch which seemed to stop the attacking creature. Similar reports were received from other squads.

The exploration of the planet continued with several more chambers being discovered containing the dead and mummified spider creatures. Eventually the team came across a huge chamber at least 10 miles tall and 8 wide containing a glowing beam of light. Around the walls was a balcony which contained a large number of the mummified spider creatures carrying tridents or some type. The tridents were like their owners, very fragile and were often destroyed as they were handled. When they were destroyed, Ariel noticed small amounts of psychic energy being released. The team also discovered the body of what appeared to be an Eldar. It was wearing a tiara with a stone in it and a pad made of crystal. Tristan, believing this to be a recording device, attempted to use the two together and was knocked out by a psychic blast. Meanwhile other members of the team continued to search the chamber and in one instance try to disassemble one of the control panels, it was found that most of the controls were dummies with no workings, but using one of the live controls caused the beam of light to disappear and be replaced by a solid area. Tristen summoned Arial from the ship and asked him about the Eldar: he did not know anything about the spider creatures of the planet apart from the Eldar corpse being 'older than worlds'.

One of the crew scavenging all of the broken tridents came to the other end of the chamber and came accross another dead Tech priest and another group of the ships crew. After some cases of mistaken identity when the two groups attacked each other, it was found that the other side of the chamber was much closer to the main entrance of the complex than seemed topographically possible.

Meanwhile, Ariel took the pad from Tristen and used it herself, her powers better protecting her. The pad and gem did appear to be some form of recording. Ariel learned that the eldar and the spider creatures had been allies and had used the planet as a weapon against an unknown enemy. The enemy could move through solid substances and bunker world was built as a dummy military base to have the enemy attack and become trapped there. As part of the trap all of the personnel on the planet would be killed by the enemy creatures.

The party once again came under attack by the creature with both energy weapons and flames being unable to harm the creature. The trident devices did seem to at least be able to drive the creature off, however, it seemed to be very difficult for non psychics to use them and they burned their users. The team decided to evacuate the area and fled to the surface of the planet along with all of their personnel.

Upon debriefing the various search teams it was found that shortly before the evacuation of the bunker a team had discovered an armoury like area containing many tridents and boxes of the 'rubic cube'-like items. It was decided to send in a team to retrieve these items. All of the ships psychics were armed with the tridents and they along with a bodyguard detail were sent into the complex. The journey to the armoury was without incident although some of the guards did report shadowy figures following them.

The armoury was found to contain dozens of tridents plugged into the walls and several boxes of the cubes. Careful examination exposed a hidden door which was opened with the aid of one of the tridents. The room beyond contained more mummified spider creatures which all seemed to have been restrained in some way. Upon entry dark shapes started to materialise from the bodies and moved to attack the party. The tridents seemed ineffective against these creatures and the party fled with what they could carry.

Believing the cubes to be a type of explosive, Kane threw one of the cubes towards the creatures with no effect, he then removed a white cube and threw the remainder of the cube which caused a small explosion. Finally he removed the black face and threw the cube causing a huge explosion that destroyed the tunnel behind him along with several of the troops and trapping Tristen. The rest of the party freed Tristen just as the creatures started to advance through the blockage. The team fled to the surface of the planet again and the creatures did not follow.