Bullough's last letter

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Bullough’s last letter, dated April 2nd 1924

Dear Charles I am writing to you once more for two reasons, the first being the sterling job you did for me on your last visit to Rhum and the second that I fear I have no one else to write to. After you intrepid fellows left for the mainland things were initially most agreeable, the disappearances stopped and I have managed to recruit several new staff into housekeeping here on the island. The only employees that I now have any grievances with are Mr Hart and Mr Brodie who I assume you remember well from your visit. After you left, their attitudes towards me changed considerably, while never having been the most jovial of fellows they were always efficient and most loyal. Your visit though seemed to have stirred up in these men a deep hostility and in the days after your departure I could not get these two to do a damn minute of work. Further Mr Brodie decided to leave for the mainland without permission two days after your departure and returned with a Gentleman named Edmund Sutherland an apparent old army friend of my fathers Bullough Sr.. I admit to never having heard of the man and his youthful appearance placed him at least twenty years my fathers’ junior. Sutherland was looking for some old books that he thought my father had sequestered here on the island, he claimed they were precious to him and that he and my father had found these books while travelling in the Indian Sub-continent. I allowed him access to the library but he left again for the mainland after a laborious but ultimately fruitless search. I kept both Brodie and Hart on due to the fact that I was struggling to find any staff at all let alone efficient candidates but their attitudes only worsened towards me almost to the point where I now feel like a prisoner in my own house. If I try to leave, one or both follow me like a damned shadow. They give me dirty looks and are uncouth to say the least, I see them whispering in shadows and now the other staff grow uneasy around them. I’m sure they conspire against me. The matter has gotten worse for when out smoking today I’m sure I noticed this Edmund Sutherland character skulking around at the back of the house, I gave chase but whomever it was managed to evade my pursuit. I can’t help but feel that he is somehow connected to my own fathers down fall and the unlikely turn of events that you witnessed here on Rum and indeed it was this latest development that prompted me to write this letter. I implore you to return to Rum and help me get to the bottom of this, perhaps I am jaded and paranoid but either way I fear I won’t be able to sleep soundly until this matter is resolved.

Yours sincerely,

G. Bullough