Brass Mandragora

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Builders & singers of songs.

Brass Mandragora account for the majority of Lonaraban’s populace. Brass Mandragora possess mottled brown scales and wings and they are the shortest and weakest Mandragora species. In many ways, the Brass Mandragora keep the society of Lonaraban running on a daily basis. Many of them have roles as artisans, while others perform the menial and physically demanding duties such as mining, servitude, and the like. The voices of the Brass Mandragora are extremely musical and they are fond of singing as they go about their daily business. A journey down a street occupied by Brass Mandragora can be a pleasant harmonious melody of song, or a nightmare cacophony of different clamouring voices. Brass wear simple smocks and leather jerkins or armour, and they favour weapons that they may also use as tools.

The voices of these Mandragora mean that the most vocally gifted Brass are highly sought after as bards, orators, and raconteurs and a large number are the famed CrystalSingers. They are also skilled artisans, and are responsible for creating the many intricate and finely crafted devices found throughout Lonaraban. Those rare individuals that have an aptitude for the magical arts become Transmuters or Alchemists within the many guilds within the Lonaraban cities. They are intensely curious creatures, often becoming afflicted by wanderlust, and are the most likely to become unhappy with their lot and become renegade Mandragora. Although a Brass may become extremely wealthy, he may never become a noble, and again this feudal system can cause them to rebel and become renegades (see Institutions & Societies on page 19 for details of the Renegade Mandragora).

Brass Mandragora are known for their keen sense of adventure and a somewhat flighty disposition. They frequently champion popular causes or acquire hobbies, and then lose interest when something else catches their eye. They are easily led, but their lack of commitment frequently means that they are relatively whimsical where politics are involved. Needless to say, it is easy for the Shirr’haim to maintain order amongst the majority of the Brass Mandragora citizenship, but outbreaks of civil unrest are common. As the Brass Mandragora outnumber most of the other Mandragora species, the Shirr’haim are less than willing to impose harsh laws that may push the normally docile Brasses into outright rebellion.