Auld Reekie Session 5

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The investigators meet early on the morning of April the 19th 1924 at the cryptozoology department. There has been a letter delivered to the still bedridden professor Fotheringshaw it appears to be from Mrs Macrimmon who was Sir George Bullough's housekeeper on Rum. Mrs Macrimmon's Letter Meanwhile McNish arrives looking worse for wear, he has been up all night investigating Dr. Lang he has found out two interesting pieces of information, the first is that Lang was diagnosed terminally ill about nine months ago but made a miraculous recovery and the other a newspaper article mentioning Lang's name

Despite this new information the party decide to head out into the pentland hills despite the terrible weather to try and find out what is on the land purchased by the Tuesday Night Club. They head by car to the small mill town of Penicuik and acquire some ponies to take them up into the hills. Victoria leads the way as she is an accomplished rider. As they follow an old drovers trail up into the hills they come across a manic drover who is running down the hill towards them, he looks agitated and it soon becomes apparent why, he is missing two fingers from his left hand and he has several other small bite marks on his body. He claims that his flock of sheep suddenly attacked him and he had to run for his life. Dr. Jacobs attends to the man while the others try to get some sense out of him. After some of Douglas's whiskey the man heads off back towards Penicuik.

The group decide to stay off the drovers trails and soon enough they see a number of sheep lying in the grass, they seem to be in a vegetative state and the investigators cant work out why? Avoiding the sheep they continue up until they come to a small drovers hut, it is unoccupied but there are 2 cups of still warm coffee inside. As they approach the summit they come upon 5 small buildongs built into the side of the hill. they seem recently constructed but it would have been a huge task to get the materials up onto the hill. McNish spots a strange pink light floating in the sky shrouded in the mist, no-one can determine the source of the light. Two of the buildings are larger than the others one is a small house and the other is an observatory. As the group scout the buildings it becomes apparent that no one is home. Stevenson makes a grizzly discovery however spotting a new born babies foot sticking out of a pile of refuse. they explore the observatory uncovering a map of scotland with several straight lines drawn through it, some astronomical notes in russian and a number of strange lenses for the telescope. They decide to explore the house next, they discover evidence of a cannabalistic feast in the kitchen and think that the body could belong to one of the drovers from the hut. As they explore the rest of the house they find the book that Clarkson had borrowed from the national museum. The Untitled Teachings of Lachlan Durie a passage from the untitled teachings of Lachlan Durie in the book is highlighted and they also find 3 telegrams from someone called Devine (Devine telegrams) further exploring the house they come across the body of one of the cultists in a bedroom, he has a surgical burn mark going from behind one ear across the back of his neck to behind his other ear. Dr Jacobs has a terrifying thought and recognises the style of cut, she thinks the cultist might have had his brain removed by the Fungi from Yuggoth, she examines the head and determines that it is indeed hollow. Victoria finds a mysterious Orthodox Christian crucifix under a pillow in the other bedroom.

As the group leaves they hear a whinney coming in the direction of Victoria's tethered pony and as they investigate something huge swoops down out of the mist and sinks giant black, bird like claws into Victoria carrying her off her feet, showing that she is made of stern stuff, Victoria ignores the pain and the dawning realisation that the thing that has hold of her is not of this earth and manages to aim her shotgun at the thing and gives it both barrels. the creature drops Victoria and she is able to join the others.

Suddenly several figures are seen closing in on the buildings from all sides, it seems that the noise created in the camp has made the cult return from wherever they were. after a scuffle with several ghouls, cultists and Clarkson himself the investigators find themselves holed up in the secret basement of the observatory. In the observatory they find a dying woman who has recently had a c-section performed on her, she is moaning wondering where her babies were? Dr Jacobs does everything that she can for her while the Priest investigates a voice shouting for help from another room, there is a man tied up who claims to have been abducted while out hiking. There are two other rooms in the basement, in the first there is evidence of a great feast with the remains of several human bodies and in the other there is a strange alcove, the alcoves dimensions dont seem to make sense and play tricks with the characters depth perception. The room with the alcove is also covered in unknown writing and symbols. While the others are guarding the foot of the stairs McNish has a closer look at the symbols, he slips and puts his hands out to stop himself falling and disappears through the wall in the alcove. The cultists are now upstairs and are starting to throw jerry cans of gasoline down the stairs and are preparing to burn the party. Desparate the group decide to follow McNish through the gate.

As they step into the gate all goes black and they all experience a strange vision after the vision fades they appear in a cave somewhere to be greeted by McNish vomiting...