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Augustus Fairbairn

Undergraduate at Edinburgh University studying Astronomy, currently assisting Professor Fotheringshaw in order to get some much needed credits.

Son of a successful Glasgow businessman (let's say he runs a factory), he narrowly avoided serving in the war due to a prolonged illness, which coincidentally ended just after Armistice Day. Fairbairn senior is a big believer in education, and insisted that his son attend university; Augustus chose to study astronomy on the basis that he didn't know any unemployed astronomers so there must not be much job competition. He lacks passion for his chosen field, but has a good memory so manages to be fairly competent at it regardless. His real passion, discovered only since coming to Edinburgh, lies in proving old men wrong. His thesis is a reaction to his supervisor, Professor Cox's, assertions regarding the gravitational effects of Earth's moon on its orbital pattern; he is studying the orbital patterns of the other eight planets in search of similarities to Earth despite their lack of an unusually large satellite. He has two classes per week in the Cryptozoology department because they sounded easy.