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<metadesc>Tabletop rpg information for the Ashes of Freedom Campaign Dungeons and Dragons setting: detailing the country, politics, and a number of house rules. It is run every fortnight at ORC in Edinburgh</metadesc>

Volkrania. A land of towering mountains, deep forests, ice-cold lakes, and windswept coasts.

There's plenty of excitement to be found here. Ancient ruins beckon. The Remnant plot and scheme. Orcs and their kin harry civilisation from the Eastlands. Winds whisper of treasures to be found within icy mountains. In the subterranean darkness of the DeepEarth, ancient secrets lie forgotten.

From deep mines where dwarves toil in the darkness to the icy heights of Tarad's Teeth, Volkrania is a land of adventure. It's a beautiful country. It's a dangerous country. But to you, it's home...

Ashes of Freedom was initially a campaign setting for the 3.5/4th edition of the popular Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game (RPG). However, I've found that there are a number of issues with the systems. Originally set in my AD&D world, I modified it to fit into the D&D 4th edition system. When I became disillusioned with the 4th edition system, I began developing D&D 3.6. These pages contain 'House' rules as such, as well as a guide to the actual campaign. As of June 2012, I've made a return to the setting - this time time focussing on a number of classic scenarios, which may lead the group far from Volkrania... I'm calling it Ashes of Freedom: Rebirth

The campaign is set in Volkrania, the northern-most country of the continent of Erilya. Cut off from much of the land by the goblinoid-held territories of the Wildlands to the East, Volkrania is fiercely independent and ruled over by King Thrommel I. The Orcgate War has been over for some time and the country has been rebuilt, although many of the scars remain.

When I ran the original campaign, it dealt with the Mandragora invading Volkrania and the lead-up to the invasion and Purge of Fire. The Attack on Kratishold was one of the best sessions I've ever run. The campaign I previously ran is set 5 years after the Purge of Fire took place. The Ashes of Freedom: Rebirth campaign latest campaign is 60 years later, after the Purge, revisited for 5e.

The Campaign Setting

  • Dramatis Personae - listing the PCs and other major characters, as well as the various factions in the Ashes of Freedom campaign.

Ashes of Freedom House Rules

Adventure Summaries

These summarise the various adventures I've run at ORC Edinburgh.


A number of files are also available for download in PDF format.