Apparent Suicide of Millionaire Landowner

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THE SCOTSMAN Saturday April 13 th 1924 Apparent suicide of Millionaire Landowner

Prominent business man and landowner Sir George Bullough 38, has apparently committed suicide by drowning at some point last week. His yacht “The Mystery” was found drifting 30 miles out to sea in the Forth of Clyde by Duncan Jamison a local fisherman on Sunday night. Seeing that the vessel was listing slightly and that the sails had not been tightened to the wind Jamison decided to investigate and discovered that no one was aboard. Fearing a crime had been committed and that he would be implicated he got back on his boat and immediately returned to Inverkip to inform the coastguard. The coastguard commandeered “The Mystery” and brought it back to Inverkip harbour. Local authorities searched the vessel but found no-one onboard only a handwritten suicide note apparently from Bullough. The police have searched everywhere for signs of Bullough fearing possible foul play but it seems that the tragic events must be true. The last people to see Bullough alive were Jack Brodie, Bullough’s gamekeeper and Isaac Hart, Bullough’s Groundskeeper who both waved farewell to Bullough on his yacht on Friday afternoon. Hart when asked how Bullough had seemed immediately before his departure remarked “Bullough was his normal cheerful self”. Martin George of George and Buchanan Law Firm, Inverness who was Bullough’s lawyer has issued the following statement concerning the estate “Due to Sir George Bullough having no next of kin he has left his considerable estate including the isle of Rhum and the ownership of the Bullough Cotton Mills to third parties.