Against the Odds

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<metadesc>Tabletop rpg information for the Against the Odds Campaign Setting in Dungeons and Dragons detailing the country, politics, and a number of house rules. It is run every month at the Open Roleplaying Commuity in Edinburgh</metadesc> Against the Odds is my campaign setting again in the Ashes of Freedom world, Duralyth, using the 4th edition D&D rules.

Those of you with magical powers scratch at the tattoos crawling across your hands and faces as if to remove the writhing symbols there. Others strain at their chains in the dark. You've only heard about the Outside from whispers in the darkness, when your overseers are away. You've heard: about the Enfari, the Hyparch's secret police; of the Traitor's Lament, where some unfortunate is tortured nightly to announce the curfew in Thulemar - their screams magically amplified across the city; how the Eternal Vigil keep watch against the horrors of the Zargrash; why the rich cremate their dead to prevent their use within the Gheribean Legion; a thousand rumours why the Amir has not been seen by the people for ten years; a million hopes of an end to the Hyparch's bloody rule; and speculations how the war against the Elves of Nilambur is going and its cost.

Welcome to Archaemia. Welcome to the mines of Kel Ambar.


Downloads for Against the Odds - all are in PDF format.

  • Kel Ambar - maps of the Mines where the PCs were imprisoned.