Accords of Volkraad

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The Accords of Volkraad officially ended the Purge of Fire, as troops loyal to the Mandragora Empress took up picket duties to protect Volkraad on the Line.

When the Lonaraban forces arrived it looked as if Volkraad itself would fall. None had expected an assault by sea, and certainly not in such numbers! The Legions were all fighting a desperate battle on the Line. However, the appearance of a flag of parley from the lead ship meant that Volkranian forces would at least listen. Captured in a historic painting by the famous artist koClarells, it shows King Thrommel meeting a Gold Mandragora envoy on the dock side. Both sides were distrustful at first, and armed to the teeth. However, when a youngster trying to get a closer look at the Mandragora fell off the quayside, no one could have predicted what would happen next. As the youngster's screams reached the deputation, the Gold Mandragora envoy plunged into the water, and quickly swam to the struggling youngster. Carrying the youngster to safety, the envoy was helped to his feet by King Thrommel himself. This one gesture sealed the fate of House Xeduus, both in the Shirr'haim and in Volkrania.

With the arrival of Imperial Princess Irellynia, the Accords were signed a few days alter. Signed by the First-Daughter of the Empress herself and on her Imperial Majesty's behalf, it set in the broadest terms possible that Volkrania and Lonaraban were at peace. Both realms would send diplomats to each other and a tentative agreement was reached. Hapalsharuss, for his efforts in helping to ensure the escape of the Imperial spy, Arthogannax, and the subsequent testimony both gave to the Shirr'haim, was made Ambassador to Volkrania by Princess Irellynia.

Although the Imperial forces were diligent, managing to secure Kratishold, destroy the Xeduus vessels, and defeat the House Xeduus forces there, it seems that many escaped elsewhere and have concealed themselves within Volkrania, some as The Remnant. They continue to be a problem in many areas.

Mandragora are not always welcome among the populace, but many veterans of the Line count Imperial Mandragora as their friends, as both fought and died there. Trade is sporadic, but there are markets opening up. Ironically, Kratishold is the most friendly town to the Mandragora in the country, with a high population of the Mandragora living their permanently. A statue to Hapalsharuss even stands in the town square.