Welcome to ORC

Don't forget to say Hello in the forums at http://orcedinburgh.co.uk/forum/introductions/ 

Please don't post anything like mobile or email addresses, dropbox links, etc. as this area is searchable by the 'net and general public! 

As GMs and players, you can promote ORC by word-of-mouth to other societies or to existing GMs/players. If you're a GM looking for players, check here first - contact prospective players rather than waiting on them. You can also contact prospective players through the LookingforGame distribution list in the PM system. Send a PM to the LookingforGame list(ORC Messaging -> Compose -> Contacts drop-down list). Give it a few weeks and make sure you start a relevant forum thread and mention it in the PM!

Can people PLEASE let me know if there are any games planned for ORC that AREN'T listed on the site. If we have games scheduled without them being 'published' on the site then it can make things harder for us to know where the gaps are and indeed if we have games planned. GMs, remember that if you are intending to run a game, please make sure that you put it up on the calendars, especially if you're looking for players. The calendar also feeds into the ORC twitter (@orcedinburgh) account and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/orcedinburgh).

It also functions as a "booking slot" to a certain extent as well - remember that we have finite space at some venues.

Most games at ORC are fortnightly, so consider following a similar format if you are new to ORC or running a game. As a GM, you may want to consider 4 players the minimum for running a game initially too. It's best to run a couple of sessions first to see how your group may play together, rather than launching into a massive campaign with an unknown group.

We also have a wiki area (http://www.orcedinburgh.co.uk/wiki), based on Wikipedia's MediaWiki software, with a lot of functionality built-in for GMs and players to use for settings, houserules, NPCs, and the like. Send Bill a PM if you'd like to use it for games.

If you know of any games that are planned for this weekend or any other weekend either PM me or submit the event yourself and I'll do the tidying up.