Edinburgh Roleplaying Archive (ERA)

Something of an experiment and likely exercise in trust, this is a collection of RPGs available to members of ORC Edinburgh, the Muirhouse Library Afternoons, and the RolePlay Haven.

We’re still working through the specifics so there will be a delay while we get it up and running. Interested in using these? Please use the Contact ORC option!

13th Age13th Age
13th Age Glorantha13th Age, Runequest
3:16 Carnage Among the Stars
AccursedSavage Worlds
Achtung! Cthulhu Forest of Fear Campaign2d20, Achtung! Cthulhu
Achtung! Cthulhu Gamesmaster’s Guide2d20, Achtung! Cthulhu
Achtung! Cthulhu Player’s Guide2d20, Achtung! Cthulhu
Achtung! Cthulhu Shadows of Atlantis Campaign2d20, Achtung! Cthulhu
Aetaltis: Defenders of Dunbury CastleAetaltis, 5e
Aetaltis: Gamemaster’s GuideAetaltis, 5e
Aetaltis: Heroes of ThornwallAetaltis, 5e
Aetaltis: Player’s GuideAetaltis, 5e
Aetaltis: World of AetaltisAetaltis, 5e
Agents of Concordia RPG 
Alien Core RPGAlien, Free League
All Flesh Must Be Eaten 
All Flesh Must Be Eaten: One of the LivingAll Flesh Must Be Eaten
Amazing Adventures 
Amazing Engine: MagitechUrban Fantasy
Band of BladesFantasy
Basic Roleplaying SystemBRP
Battlestar Galactica RPG 
Be Seeing You
Black Hack 2.0 
Black Sword Hack
Black Void 
Blades in the DarkFantasy
Blue Planet Ancient EchoesBlue Planet, Sci-fi
Blue Planet Fluid MechanicsBlue Planet, Sci-fi
Blue Planet Frontier JusticeBlue Planet, Sci-fi
Blue Planet Moderator’s GuideBlue Planet, Sci-fi
Blue Planet Natural SelectionBlue Planet, Sci-fi
Blue Planet Player’s GuideBlue Planet, Sci-fi
Burning Wheel RPG 
Call of Cthulhu: Secrets of Japan SourcebookCall of Cthulhu
Call of Cthulhu: Sun Spots CampaignCall of Cthulhu
Changeling the LostWOD
Changing BreedsWOD
Children of Future EarthBRP
City of Mist Players GuideCity of Mists
Coyote & Crow Core Rulebook 
Cthulhu Hack 
Cthulhu Hack Boxed Set
Cthulhutech: Ancient EnemiesCthulhutech
Cthulhutech: Burning HorizonsCthulhutech
Cthulhutech: Core RulebookCthulhutech
Cthulhutech: Damnation ViewCthulhutech
Cthulhutech: Dark PassionsCthulhutech
Cthulhutech: Mortal RemainsCthulhutech
Cthulhutech: Unveiled ThreatsCthulhutech
Cthulhutech: Vade MecumCthulhutech
Cyberpunk RPGCyberpunk
Cyberpunk Firestorm Stormfront – the 4th Corporate WarCyberpunk
Cyberpunk: Chrome Compilation ACyberpunk
Cyberpunk: Tales from the Forlorn HopeCyberpunk
D&D 5e DM ScreenD&D
D&D 5e Dungeon Master’s GuideD&D
D&D 5e Monstrous ManualD&D
D&D 5e Player’s Handbook x2D&D
D&D Starter Set: Lost Mines of PhandelverD&D, Starter Set
D&D Starter Set: Stormwreck IsleD&D, Starter Set
Dark StreetsCall of Cthulhu, Victorian
Delta Green: Black SitesDelta Green
Dee Sanction Essentials Boxed Set
Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG 
Dreams & Machines Starter Set x22D20
Dystopia Rising 
Earthdawn GM’s Guide (3e)Fantasy
Earthdawn GM’s Guide (4e)Fantasy
Eternal LiesGumshoe
Everlasting Book of the Spirits 
Exalted 2nd Ed. RPG 
Fading Suns: Spies and Revolutionaries 
Fae Noir 
Fall of Delta GreenDelta Green
Farscape RPG Core Rules 
Feng Shui 
Flames of Freedom RPG 
Geist: Sin-eaterGeist, WOD
Ghost StoriesWOD
Hellboy RPG5e
Hellcats & Hockeysticks 
Hero SystemSuperhero
HP Lovecraft’s Prep AcademySchool, Cthulhu
Hudson & BrandCall of Cthulhu, Victorian
Hunter: The VigilWOD
Infinity Corebook2d20, Infinity
Judge Dredd RPGD20, Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd RPGWOIN, Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd: The Robot Wars CampaignWOIN, Judge Dredd
Kult: Taroticum & Other TalesKult
Legend of the Five Rings 3e CoreLegend of the Five Rings
Legend of the Five Rings: Burning SandsLegend of the Five Rings
LiminalUrban Fantasy, Fae
Lone Wolf RPG 
Lone Wolf: The Darklands 
Lowlife: Rise of the LowlySavage Worlds
Marvel Multiverse RPG (Playtest Ed.) 
Masks: A New GenerationSuperhero
Metamorphosis Alpha RPG 
Maskwitches of Forgotten Doggerland
Molotov College
Mork Borg 
Mythras Core Rules 
N.O.W Modern Action RPG 
Nibiru Core Rulebook 
Night’s Black AgentsNight’s Black Agents
Night’s Black Agents: Dracula Dossier Director’s HandbookNight’s Black Agents
Nightbane RPG 
Nightbane RPG: Through the Glass Darkly 
O.L.D Fantasy RPG 
Outbreak: Deep Space 
Paranoia: Flashback Redux XP 
Paranoia: Red Clearance 
Pathfinder 1e Advanced Player’s GuidePathfinder
Pathfinder 1e BestiaryPathfinder
Pathfinder 1e Core RulebookPathfinder
Reign: A Game of Lords & Leaders 
Ruby: Worlds Beyond Dream 
Savage Worlds Explorer EditionPulp, Generic
Scion: CompanionScion
Scion: GodScion
Scion: HeroScion
Shadow of the CenturyFATE, Superhero
Shadowrun 4th Edition Core 
Shadows over Scotland CampaignCall of Cthulhu
SLA Industries Core Rules 
SLA Industries 2nd EditionS5S, SLA Industries
SLA Threat Analysis 1: CollateralS5S, SLA Industries
Slipstream (Savage Worlds)Sci-fi
Spycraft Core RPGSpycraft
Spycraft: Archer CampaignSpycraft
Spycraft: World on FireSpycraft
Star Trek Adventures2d20, Star Trek
StokerVerse QuickstartStokerVerse
Swashbuckling Adventures: Cathayd20
Sword of the SerpentineGumshoe
Symbaroum Core Rulebook
Tales from the FloodTales from the Flood, Free League
Tales from the LoopTales from the Loop, Free League
Tales from the Loop: Out of TimeTales from the Loop, Free League
Tales of Gargenthir RPG 
Talisman Adventures RPG 
Terminator RPGS5S
Terminator RPG: Campaign GuideS5S, Terminator RPG
The One RingFantasy, Classic
The Spy Game5e
The VoidSci-fi, Horror, Cthulhu
They Came From Beneath The Sea RPG 
Those Dark PlacesSci-fi, Horror
TorchbearerBurning Wheel, Mouse Guard
Torg Core Rules 
Trail of Cthulhu RPGTrail of Cthulhu
Trail of Cthulhu: Hideous CreaturesTrail of Cthulhu
Traveller: Marches Adventure 1: High & DryTraveller
Unknown Armies: Break TodayUnknown Armies
Unknown Armies: Post Modern MajickUnknown Armies
Unknown Armies: Weep ScenariosUnknown Armies
Vampire Dark Ages: Core RulebookVampire, WOD
Vampire Dark Ages: Ashen KnightVampire, WOD
Vampire Dark Ages: Ashen ThiefVampire, WOD
Vampire Dark Ages: Libellus Sanguinus – Keepers of the WordVampire, WOD
Vampire Dark Ages: Libellus Sanguinus – Masters of the StateVampire, WOD
Vampire Dark Ages: Libellus Sanguinus – Thieves in the NightVampire, WOD
Vampire The Masquerade: Time of JudgementVampire, WOD
Vampire The Masquerade: Victorian Age VampireVampire, WOD
Vampire The RequiemVampire, NWOD
Warhammer 40,000 Deathwatch RPGWH40K
Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader: Into the StormWH40K
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay  Core 1eWFRP
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e Starter SetWFRP
Weird War Cthulhu: Cold WarCall of Cthulhu
Werewolf The ForsakenWerewolf, NWOD
Wild TalentsSuperhero
Wild Talents: This Favoured LandSuperhero
World of Darkness Core RulebookWOD
Xanadu Core Rulebook Nibiru
Yellow King Gumshoe