Open Roleplaying Community (ORC) is a free-to-join site for people of all ages in Edinburgh (and the Lothians) to:

  • find out about roleplaying games (RPGs)
  • try out a roleplaying game
  • meet other people who are interested in playing RPGs within Edinburgh and the Lothians
  • get together regularly and play
  • provide a means for RPG players or GMs to contact other Edinburgh RPGers
  • to give players and GMs a community and tools to help run their games

The Open Roleplaying Community is exactly that - a community for Edinburgh and Lothian gamers! It's not just a venue or club, it's a community of gamers in Edinburgh and the Lothians who play all kinds of games. We are committed to making sure everyone feels welcome - whether you're just visiting Edinburgh for the day, or are looking for a long-term game! We have members of all ages.

There's no membership fee and it is free to register on the website. The Events calendar lists what is on at ORC Edinburgh and elsewhere (such as gaming conventions). There is also an Downloads page, a Personal Messaging (PM) system that you can use to contact other members of the site, and there's also the ORC Wiki which contains details and game information for a number of games (you need to be a registered member to login and edit it).

Some of these areas require you to be registered on the site, but that's free, quick, and easy! However, the most active area of the site is the Forum. You can only post to the forum if you're Registered. Your email address is not published on the site, and the ID you choose when you register is the only way you can be contacted. It's also suggested you introduce yourself in the Introductions thread.

To learn more about ORC, check out the wiki where we currently have some information about ORC and our history, as well as how the site works. If you're having any problems with the site or just want to get in touch, use the Contact ORC option and we'll get back to you.

Members of ORC play a variety of games, from RPGs (RolePlaying Games) to LARPs (Live Action RolePlaying). Whether you go to the Saturday afternoons at the Kilderkin, Edinburgh Games Hub, or elsewhere, joining ORC gives you the opportunity to join a game or establish your own. If you want to run an RPG campaign, then ORC Edinburgh is a great place to find new players. We welcome anyone who wants to be a GM or player. Most games usually run on a fortnightly basis. Check the Events calendar for games that are on. Some games are already full, although the GMs may keep a waiting list - contact the GM first.

Owing to the popularity of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), and thanks to Critical Role and similar podcasts, D&D games fill up very quickly. Please keep an eye on the Looking to run a game area of the forum (and your email if you're on the Looking For A Game lists). We're always looking for more GMs/DMs, and people looking to run single session (one-off or one-shot) games. One-off mainstream games usually run Saturday afternoons at the Cornerstone Cafe. If you're interested in Indie games, there's also the Edinburgh Indie Gamers ( every second Saturday night. 

We've a contact list for players looking for a game (also for Midlothian, West Lothian and East Lothian). Register on the site and then send a Personal Message (PM) to Bill, the site admin, via the ORC Messaging system. Alternatively, come to one of the ORC games and have a chat with the folk there - new faces are always welcome! If you can't make it to Edinburgh, we may still be able to help you find a game or players.

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