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This page lists the NPCs of the WFRP Enemy Within campaign by location, along with any pertinent information.


  • Lady Isolde von Strudeldorf. Snobbish young noblewoman, her maid servant is Janna, and bodyguard is Marie.
  • Crown Prince Hergard von Tasseninck, founder of expedition of the Grey Mountains. Missing, presumed dead.
  • Max Ernst. Violent protagonist, killed along with two nobles. The PCs are blamed for his murder.


  • Graf Wilhelm von Saponatheim, Baron. Rules from Castle Grauenburg (25 miles from Bogenhafen).
  • Crusher Braugen, wrestling champion.
  • Doctor Malthusius, showman and crypto-zoologist.
  • Gottri Gunisson. Annoying dwarven drunk killed to consecrate a Chaos temple.
  • Jochen Haagen. Head of the Wastelander Haagen trading house.
  • Heironymus Ruggbroder, head of the Ruggbroder trading house and competitors to the Teugens.
  • Franz Steinhager, head of the Steinhager family and member of the Ordo Septanarius.
  • Heinrich Steinhager, the jealous brother of Franz.
  • Johannes Teugen. Merchant and demonologist. Damned to Tzeentch after his attempt to open a Chaos gate in the town failed (he was duped by Gideon into this), and the attempt was foiled by the PCs.
  • Karl Teugen. Brother of Johannes. Killed by Purple Brain Fever (caused by Gideon). His death drives Ulthar insane.
  • Ulthar (the Unstable). Bogenhafen's resident madman and possible prophet.
  • Gideon, Daemon of Tzeentch. Frames the PCs for arson and the murder of Friedrich Magirius.
  • Friedrich Magirius. A former member of the Ordo Septanarius who balks at the human sacrifice.
  • Heinz Richter. Magistrate infected with Purple Brain Fever by 'Gideon when he starts asking too many questions regarding the Ordo Septanarius and the Three-legged Goblin Affair.
  • Baumann, head of the Thieves Guild?
  • Greta Harkbokka, Priestess of Verena.
  • Marlen Rubenstern, Priestess of Shallya. Divides her time between the Temple and the soup kitchen in the slums known as The Pit. Ministered to Karl Teugen until his death and recognises similar symptoms in Heinz Richter.
  • Rickard Hartz, Priest of Ulric. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know (when he's sober).

Castle Wittgenstein & Wittgendorf

  • Dagmar von Wittgenstein, insane wizard who unearthed a gigantic chunk of warpstone (deceased?).
  • Lothar von Wittgenstein. Libertine, thrown out of Nuln for being too depraved. Suspected to be alive and debauching in Middenheim.
  • Magritte von Wittgenstein, apparently enjoys a "close" relationship with her brother. Deceased insane Necromancer.
  • Philippe Rousseaux, Physician and brewer of warpstone-laced rotgut.


  • Magnus Caesus, criminal overlord.
  • Lukas Groote, enforcer and lieutenant for Caesus.
  • Heironymus Blitzen, wizard.
  • Hans Peter Schiller, Blitzen's creepy apprentice.
  • Old One-Eye, Minotaur Champion and Guardian of the Chaos Heart (Deceased).
  • Ulfgar the Destroyer, Champion of Tzeentch, and picnicking badass.
  • Krakatz, a Bovigor Beastman (Ulfgar's sidekick).
  • The Merry Band, a group of mercenaries consisting of:
    • Captain Kowalkski, tough guy.
    • Klaus Schmidt, Sergeant
    • Ostermann, Corporal
    • The Norsican - only the band understand him.
    • Maus, the sharpshooter.
    • Aristmann, cold killer.
    • Jaegerhalten, sneaky git.
    • Dizeigeler, Die Scheissehaus.
    • Hans Schup, Artillerist.
    • Brother Bada Boom, Dwarven Gunner.
  • Ze Skaven (in Under-Delberz!


  • Etelka Herzen (resident). A former associate of Johannes Teugen who procured him the scroll needed for his ritual.
  • Gorin Greathammer, Dwarven Chief. Smiter of Goblins, Hater of Elves.
  • Gutbag Stoat Throttler. Goblin cross-dresser and would-be wizard.
  • Dumpling Hayfoot, Halfling servant (goblin slave).


  • Baron Otto von Dammenblatz. Accuser of Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz. Suspected of plotting to kill her Judicial Champion (and a PC) via an agent.
  • Count Otto Boormann, Imperial Plenipotentary.


  • Allavandrel Fanmaris – Elven Huntmaster. Where’s the party?
  • Ar-Ulric – Head of the Cult of Ulric.
  • Dieter Schmeidehammer – Graf’s Champion, hypnotised?
  • Emmanuelle Schlagen – Graf’s Paramour, Actress.
  • Graf Boris Todbringer – ruler of Middenheim
  • Gruber Goebbels – arrogant slimy merchant and Lothar Wittgenstein’s alter ego!
  • Heinrich Todbringer – the Graf’s illegitimate, capable, and sadly absent son.
  • Hildegarde Zimperlich – Princess Katarina’s chaperone.
  • Janna Eberhauer – deputy head of the Wizards Guild.
  • Joachim Hoflich - Law lord
  • Josef Sparsam – Chancellor, responsible for those damn taxes.
  • Johann Schwermutt – Middenheim’s General. One of the Midden-Marshals.
  • Karl-Heinz Wasmeier – Law lord
  • Katarina Todbringer – the Princess, daughter of Graf Boris.
  • Kirsten Jung – Lady-At-Court to Emmanuelle Schlagen. Party friend! Dieter’s fiancé.
  • Luigi Pavorotti - Herr Doktor, treating Shaking Stefan, the Graf’s palsied first-born son. LOUD.
  • Maximillian von Genscher - big guy. One of the Midden-Marshals.
  • Natasha Sinnlich – Lady-At-Court. Ambitious and coldly aloof to the party.
  • Petra Liebkosen - Lady-At-Court. Serial Flirt.
  • Rallane Lafarel – Prince of Athel-Loren, dude. Also Court Minstrel. Excellent!
  • Baron Stefan Todbringer – Baron “Shaking Stefan”. Self-mutilating maniac.
  • Siegfried Prunkvoll – The Knight Eternal. Pompous sexist pig in armour.
  • Ulric Schutzman – Watch Commander. One of the Midden-Marshals.


  • Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz, friend of the PCs after they save her reputation ("A rough night at The Three Feathers").
  • Katarina Todbringer. Daughter of Graf Boris Todbringer in Middenheim. Guest of, and under the protection of Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz.Has a thing for Elvish minstrels.
  • Countess Emanuelle von Liebewitz, Maria-Ulrike's aunt. Has a thing for well, anything breathing... and "parties".
  • Professor Wolfgang von Kugelschrieber, absent minded genius. Inventor of the "Underwatership", Kugelschreibonium 235, Kugelmatic Chicken Plucker, and Kugelmatic Turkey Plucker.
  • Fatboy Smallnose. Long-suffering Halfling flunkey and sidekick to Wolfgang von Kugelschrieber.
  • Siegfreid Das Boot, owner and shipwright on Hallers Weg. Fixed the Queen of the Reik.
  • Castro Villanova, gamekeeper and so much more. Ilsa Rotlander's tutor in the art of passing unseen. And sinister as hell. Once part of the Black Eagles mercenary company.
  • Joaquin Villanova, cleric of Sigmar and half-brother to Castro Villanova. Also once part of the Black Eagles.
  • Blair, Dwarven gymnasium owner, prizefight arranger, and teacher in the art of putting the boot in.
  • Admiral Albrecht Altenschule. Johann Koch's adopted (and paid for!) father. Minor noble, major psycho. Once rammed a High Elf ship in Marienburg claiming they were Dark Elves, thus causing a major diplomatic incident, and much merriment to Priscilla. Overfond of things that go boom. Known to shoot lawyers.
  • Elsa von Haupstraum, AKA "The Pale Lady", Daemon Princess and champion of Slaanesh.
  • Lothar von Haupstraum, wizard, alleged murderer, and terrified husband to Elsa von Haupstraum.
  • Skretth. Insane Skaven junkie necromancer.

Pritzstock (Grapes of Wrath)

  • Henri-Phillipe Rocheteau, mayor of Pritzstock, murderer of Stefan Maranaeur.
  • Elizabet Rocheteau, wife of Henri-Phillipe Rocheteau, lover of Stefan Maranaeur
  • Stefan Maranaeur (deceased), twin of Dieter Maranaeur.
  • Dieter Maranaeur, revenge-crazed wizard.
  • Parzival Tristan Aschaffenberg (deceased). Irritating noble, and leader of town militia.
  • Isolde Guderian, village flirt.
  • Wuder Lechart. Village idiot, uses warpstone to chew food as he has no teeth. Speaks Dark Tongue occasionally.
  • Seel Baldurich. Snotty little brat.


  • Piotr Straznyojeck, a chaos mutant created by the warpstorm that consumed Praag, also know as The Legacy of Praag.
  • Ivan Straznyojeck, member of the Purple Hand, and father of Piotr (and killed by him).
  • Adolphus Kuftsos, dark and dangerous bounty hunter and chain cigarillo smoker. Shot by the PCs, he has survived and continues to track the PCs.
  • Elvyra Kleinestun. Herbalist and possible tutor in all things pharmaceutical.

On the road

  • Gunnar and Hultz, 50% proof (and 100% useless) coachmen for the Four Seasons coaching company traveling on the Altdorf road.
  • Kastor Lieberung, member of the Purple Hand, and apparent beneficiary of a fortune. Slain by mutants on the road from Altdorf to Delberz. Physical double of "Hairy" Seib Harlander.

The Crossed Lances Inn (The Affair of the Hidden Jewel)

  • Annalisa Kessler, "The Black Arrow". Outlaw Chief.
  • Count von Drakensberg. Sinister (rakish) villain, deceased.
  • Lauengram, single agent and mad bomber.

The Hooded Man Inn (Night of Blood)

  • Rolf Hurtsis, mutant suffering from rotting flesh. Once a friend to Fritz Burgfeld.
  • Hans Jinkerst, Chaos cultist. Masquerades as a Roadwarden at the Hooded Man Inn, during the Night of Blood. Killed by the PCs when he summons a Tzeentchian Daemon, a Pink Horror.
  • Otto, grotesquely fat mutant who masquerades as the landlord of the Hooded Man inn (deceased).

The Three Feathers Inn (Rough Night at the Three Feathers)

  • Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebewitz of Ambosstein, a niece of Countess Emmanuelle of Nuln.
  • Graf Freidrich von Pfeifraucher, the third son of Count Bruno of Wissenland. He is accompanied by Fraulein Hanna Lastkahn, a daughter of one of the wealthy boatbuilding families of Grissenwald; the two have been conducting an illicit affair for some time, and have taken a room in the inn under the name Herr and Frau Johann Schmidt.
  • Thomas Pramhandler, the heir to another of Grissenwald's wealthy boatbuilding families. Fiance of Fraulein Hanna Lastkahn He has been informed of her affair with Graf Freidrich by a servant in the Lastkahn household.
  • Gustaf Rechtshandler, the Gravin's lawyer. Once a member of mysterious Ordo Ultima, a Chaos cult dedicated to Slaanesh. He got out once he found the cult's true purpose, but was killed in reprisal in the Three Feathers.
  • Ursula Kopfgeld, an apparent "messenger" and wearer of a Black Crown tattoo. Very dangerous but capable.
  • Bruno Franke - Judicial Champion for the Gravin, slain by an agent working for von Dammenblatz.

On the river

  • Ernst Heidlmann. A passenger on the Queen of the Reik with Renate Hausier, although he disembarked in Bogenhafen. His name was mentioned by the Beastmen along with that of Kastor Lieberung.
  • Josef Quartjin. Loud fount of information (more so when drunk) and owner of the Berebeli river boat.
  • Renate Hausier, a Pedlar. Rescued by the PCs when the boat she was travelling on was attacked by Beastmen.
  • Aynjulls Isembard. Long-suffering Dwarven Engineer suffering ghoul problems (now resolved) on one of Emperor Karl-Franz's new signal devices.

Unterbaum & the Barren Hills

  • Vosrster, village Elderand leader of the Baumenvolk.
  • Corrobeth, Druidic Priest and guide for the PCs to the Devil's Bowl.
  • Bruhilde Gratten. Former scout, murdered by Dagmar von Wittgenstein. Laid to rest by the PCs.
  • Crot Scabak, Skaven Champion. Laid out by the PCs.