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Name Age StrDexConIntEduSoc (In Traveller Hex: 10=A, 11=B, 12=C) Career (specialisation) event (most recent) further events Further careers, specialisations, events Homeworld Connection to other party members Notable gear

Kyra Barret

50 5C3954

  • Career
    • Drifter (wanderer)
      • Life threatening illness
    • Entertainer (performer)
      • Scandal
      • Gained a patron ALLY: Religious leader (believes aliens do not exist); promotion
    • Rogue (pirate)
      • Gambling win; promotion
      • Crime pays off ("a job") but made an ENEMY off-world thief; promotion
      • Move to another world
    • Navy (flight)
      • Injured: lost eye
      • Foiled attempted crime by ENEMY naval officer
    • High-population, agricultural

(Character sheet lists an additional contact. Why?)

  • Links to party
    • Met Fiedlimid while conducting deals with Hannah Solo (7215)
    • Flew Agent Santini while he was building his contact network (7215)
  • Notable gear
    • Cutlass
    • 3 ship shares
    • Cr197,500

Feidlimid Branson-Mayhem-Solo

46 399945

  • Career
    • Noble (dilettante)
      • Inheritance from rich relative
      • Alliance with powerful noble: married and amicably divorced ALLY Hannah Solo (high-level smuggler)
      • Alliance with powerful noble: married and amicably divorced ALLY Theresa Mayhem (planetary warlord)
      • Had the sniffles
      • Alliance with powerful noble: married and amicably divorced ALLY Rachel Branson (corporate executive)
    • Citizen (worker)
      • Betrayed by ENEMY: private investigator
      • New romance
    • Agricultural, asteroid
  • Links to party
    • Met Logan Carpenter while involved with alien investigating group (7215)
    • Introduced Kyra Barret to her patron while hosting a party (7211)
  • Notable gear
    • TAS membership
    • Cr10,000/yr pension
    • 7 ship shares + 2 yacht shares = 11 ship shares
    • Cr510,000

Agent Starcrash Santini

38 688A94

  • Career
    • Agent (corporate)
      • Special training in driving
      • Establish network of contacts, including CONTACT religious leader: The Illustrious John Suplexeo (Children of the Stars)
      • Above and beyond; promotion
    • Rogue (enforcer)
      • Forced out by ENEMY crusading journalist: Intergalactic Kate Adie
      • Married Jane Santini (nee Doe); promoted
    • High-tech, garden
  • Links to party
    • Introduced Logan Carpenter to Illustrious John Surplexeo (7215)
    • "Completed a job" with Kyra Barret (7203).
  • Notable gear
    • Laser pistol
    • Subdermal armour 3

Logan Carpenter

34 947338

  • Career
    • Drifter (wanderer)
      • Scavenge something of use
      • Join alien hunting group and gained ALLY: military commander
      • Life on the edge
    • Marine (support, drafted)
      • Driven out by RIVAL: bored noble
    • Agricultural, fluid oceans
  • Links to party
    • Nursed Kyra Barret while on streets with life-threatening illness (7219)
    • Provided muscle when Agent Santini developed his network of contacts (7215)
  • Notable gear
    • Autopistol

Corporal Davon "Mount" Rushmore

34 A7A884

  • Career
    • Marine
      • Driven out by RIVAL: bored noble
      • Assaulted enemy fortress, promoted
      • On front lines of planetary assault and occupation
      • Betrayed by a RIVAL: conspirator
    • Agricultural, low tech
  • Links to party
  • Notable gear

2 weapons TAS membership Cr5000