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Session 9: In which the party spend almost 50 days making almost two million credits

Present: Feidlimid, Kyra, Artesia, Starcrash

On Mirage, the party quickly found a broker, bought some basic manufactured goods and recruited some legitimate doctors as high passengers.

They jumped to Ghost (0204), refueled, and successfully requested the berthing data for the Mare Vitae. The Mare Vitae had made an inaccurate jump, spent about five days crossing the system before refueling and then jumping. The insular dictatorship on Ghost forbade further contact with the locals and had the tech level to enforce this, so the party didn't push their luck.

The party then jumped to Spinning Skull (0203), a barren white rock. An inaccurate jump due to the jump scars cost them five and a half days. To try to avoid this, Starcrash, instead of spending the standard 10-60 seconds activating the jump drive, plunged the ship into twilight for six hours. There, they made a slightly late mortgage payment and a very early one. They refueled and recruited passengers, who were imperial agents, most of whom had colds and minor coughs. The local government was controlled by former executives from Lagging Skull, who had bought a few suits of battle dress, arrived, and imposed themselves as rules and then banned most tech to limit rebellion. The party spent 5 days finding a broker to sell their basic manufactured goods at a good profit. The heavy restrictions on the tech level of traded goods made it difficult to find any goods to purchase, but Starcrash used his streetwise skill to locate someone who sold them 5 tons of rhino horn extract (illegal biochemicals) and 20 tons of miscellaneous computer parts (advanced electronics, illegal on this world). Customs inspectors visited the ship shortly before it left, but Starcrash used some faked papers to convince them there was no need for an inspection.

The party then jumped to Lagging Skull (0303), another barren white rock. Lagging Skull was ruled by the Lagging Skull clothing corporation, who allowed visitors to operate essentially lawlessly beyond the corporate controlled headquarters. The party lost another four days to an inaccurate jump and then sold their rhino horn and computers, earning about half a million and a million in profits respectively on the transactions. They were unable to refuel, but picked up some textiles and polymers.

The party then jumped to Shimmer (0403), losing another four and a half days to an inaccurate jump because of the jump scars. While flying to Shimmer c, the main planet, they saw that the Wednesday evening Imperial Information Corporations investigative news hour was dedicated to a story by Interstellar Kate Adie about Hans Guo, his corruption and connections to the underworld, and the party's lifting him from Zhi Ren. Sometime was also given to the party's actions on Jevgeia. The local news in Shimmer identified their ship as being in the system, and the party repeatedly checked with the government whether any other procedures would need to be completed upon arrival and scanned for incoming police vessels. Despite assurances, and some sympathetic coverage, due to suspicion about the government of Zhi Ren, the party remained nervous. In honing his investigation skill, Starcrash discovered that four of their passengers were agents conspiring against the democratic government of Shimmer on behalf of one of the factions in Lagging Skull. Starcrash quickly reported them to the local police in an attempt to win favour with them. Given that they had earned significant funds from transporting criminals and fugitives in the past, Feidlimid was nervous about how past and potentially future clients might respond. Kyra said that it was the right thing to do, right now, and, as a pirate, that she didn't think of things beyond that.

Arising from events and discussion in this session, I will be posting house rules about the effect of jump scars on astrogation and jumping, on the maximum number of time increments that can be used to increase the speed of a task, on couples and the layout of cabins, and on checks and searches which might affect smuggling.