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Session 6: In which our heroes distribute medical supplies and rescue political dissidents

Present: Starcrash, Artesia, Feidlimid, Davon

The party interviewed Artesia and recruited her as a pilot and jump drive engineer.

Feidlimid set his computerised suit to search for trade opportunities over night, but discovered in the morning that it had spent the whole night looking at a website that failed to load. A quick computers check reveals that the problem is that Supremo also ran the system-wide internet trading portals as well as the inter-system freight/brokering business. The whole party then spend several days searching for a broker. (The session was much delayed as the GM forgot the +6DM for being in a class A starport, which shifted the party's unskilled brokers from being essentially unable to find a broker to easily being able to do so.) Feidlimid's computer agent was able to locate a broker after 3 days. The party sold their consumables and organs from Jevgia and bought some medical computers. With their MoST certification, they also signed up to haul 50 tons of freight. They also converted 20 tons of cargo space to an extended fuel tank. Starcrash used his streetwise skill to recruit passengers; with a large number of available high passengers and not quite enough low passengers to fill all the berths, Starcrash used his persuasion and Davon's excellent medical reputation to convert some excess high passengers to low passengers. The party recruited 20 low passengers and 6 high passengers. Most of the high passengers were business people who had skirted the law in leaving Zhi Ren, but one, Lo Fan, had a three-dot tattoo above his right eyebrow. Following Bill Clinton's maxim of "Don't ask; don't tell", the party didn't ask if this had any significance and didn't learn it was typically associated with the Zhi Ren triads or that Jack Jack Jack was normally called Triad Jack. Lo Fan recommended that the party contact Jack Jack Jack in Zhi Ren to recruit more passengers.

The oppressive dictatorship on Zhi Ren c forbade direct contact with the surface but allowed ships to dock and trade with their primitive star port. Most of the population of Zhi Ren was forced to leave in polluted factory-bunkers on the surface, but some wealthy citizens were allowed to live in the space port or on separate orbital platforms. Off-world information and technology were banned.

The party successfully jumped to Zhi Ren, 0105 in the Little Rift PMR sector. Artesia and Davon spent the day thawing out the low passengers, all of whom survived. Feidlimid went to the bank, and the party's second mortgage payment was made. Feidlimid also surprised the local bank manager by reporting that the party had successfully obtained a MoST. He then spent much of the rest of the day looking finding a hospital, some medical clinics, and some illegal doctors. Santini used his streetwise skill to establish contact with Jack Jack Jack. The following day Artesia and Davon unsuccessfully spent the day trying to sell their probably illegal medical computers. Meanwhile, Feidlimid and Starcrash used their contacts with Jack Jack Jack to sell their illegal medical computers for an enormous profit, grossing two million credits, of which about MCr1.6 was profit. They also recruited 20 low passengers -mostly low level triads looking to escape Zhi Ren- and agreed to transport 6 high passengers from a nearby orbital platform to Mirage. The high passengers were Agent Ji, Hans Guo, and their 4 body guards.

On the night 60, the party flew to the Elysium-style orbital platform, an opulent ring with an atmosphere held in by highwalls around the edge and centrifugal forces. Artesia failed her pilot check, hit several trees and dug the landing gear solidly into the ground. Davon's military tactics allowed him to quickly assess that there were multiple, independent factions responding in different ways. The home owners guards were trying to protect the house and the party goers, security guards and notable party goers were fleeing and taking cover, one group of six was racing towards the ship, and their were probably police some distance away also coming to investigate. Feidlimid's sensors confirmed that a police cutter was launching from the far end of the orbital platform. Santini was able to open the cargo bay doors, five of the passengers ran on board, and the sixth expertly drove a large air raft up into the cargo bay. Artesia struggled to dislodge the ship from being dug into the ground. Fortunately, first Davon and then Starcrash were able to hail the police cutter and convince them that there was some sort of medical emergency. Rather than immediately attacking, the police ordered the party to remain on the ground and wait for ground police and ambulances to arrive. Eventually, Artesia was able to get the Logan Carpenter to fly and then dodged the police's beam lasers, while Santini quickly ran the astrogation programme and activated the jump drive. (The GM goofed on the 100-diameter rule, which may need some ret-conn.)

In the confusion, the party misjumped, arriving four days from their target of Mirage b. Hans Guo revealed he was now on the run because he had politically damaging evidence of the corruption of Zhi Ren's corrupt President Zheng. Feidlimid made politely minor enquiries about this and was surprised to then spend much of the trip being told about various kick-back schemes the President and his allies were alleged to be involved in. Midway through their trip to Mirge b, Hans Guo's yacht docked with the Logan Carpenter, and the passengers paid double the normal rate. Upon arriving on Mirage b, the party thawed their low passengers, two of whom died. They delivered their freight and refueled and prepared to go meet their contacts from the alien-hunting Xenology society.