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Session 5: In which the party dispense justice, loose a friend, and learn of a missing ship

Present: Starcrash, Kyra, Logan, Feidlimid, Davon

After their mistrial, the party were allowed to return to their ship, where Davon was able to quickly heal the injured members of the party. Afterward, Feidlimid and Kyra spent the night going from bar to bar spreading rumours that Gene Superior was responsible for arranging the nuclear weapons. The party also report this to a group of young police invsetigators.

Steve Temptation was accused of an extremely serious crime, whereas the rest of the party was involved in an administrative dispute about the impounding of their ship, so the Jevgians now ruled that Mr Temptation should be tried separately.

The party were retried. Having had some additional time to strategise and the luxury of choosing their style of trial by combat, Feidlimid insisted on zero-G combat. Unprepared, the GM simply repurposes the original arena, rather than designing a zero-G arena, and simply imposes a -2DM on characters without the vacc suit skill, rather than imposing any exciting effects; something will appear in the house rule section, but the zero-G combat was flatter than it should have been. Feidlimid and Agent Santini spoke against the Technark, warning of an older crowd. This both riled the crowd and distracted one of the prosecutors from joining the fight until it was essentially finished. Kyra and Feidlimid being skilled in zero-G combat were at a significant advantage and were able to batter the prosecutors into unconsciousness. Before they were able to finish this, some lucky blows from Assistant Justice Divine Perfect killed Logan Carpenter.

Following the fight, Feidlimid challenged the Technark, Gene Superior, to one-on-one combat. With rumours circulating and the crowd riled, and just generally believing in ritual combat, Gene Superior accepted and selected to fight with broad swords. Feidlimid won initiative. Each combatant inflicted one serious blow with the broad sword in the first round. In the second round, Feidlimid hit Gene Superior a second time, slaying him.

With the head of government dead and the population angered, the police quickly escorted the party off the Jevgian station. They reported that shortly before the trial had started an imperial naval vessel had returned and reported that there had not been an alien invasion after all. The Jevgians accepted that the party had won their trial by combat and paid to refuel the ship and compensation for impounding the ship. The party were unhappy that Logan had been killed over such a trivial matter and spent the journey to Rekar in mourning. The party renamed their ship the Logan Carpenter in his honour.

The jump to Rekar was successful, so the party arrived near High-Orbit Castle. This space station had once been a massive naval base on the | Mirabel corridor, but was now mostly abandoned with vast sections depressurised. Davon was able to successfully thaw all eleven of the low passengers. The party received an invitation to Logan and his friends to meet Admiral Lorval Tansen at a restaurant called "The Edge of The Void". The party went to the Ministry of Space Transport, and the silver-tongued Starcrash was able to persuade the bureaucrats there to grant the ship a standard, one-year MoST registration, instead of a temporary permit, despite the missing air raft.

"The Edge of The Void" was an upscale restaurant. The name was a play on words, referring both to Rekar being on the edge of the Little Rift and to the restuarant itself overlooking an abandoned and depressurised hanger. The party knew Logan had been affiliated to Admiral Tansen through his investigation of alien life. Admiral Tansen told the party that a ship, the Mare Vitae, had been missing for about a year in the Little Rift. The ship had been investigating alien life and mega jump scars. The admiral said he was affiliated with societies investigating alien life, and they would pay Cr450,000 to learn what had happened to the Mare Vitae. Rather bargaining for a better price or asking how much the party would receive for recovering the Mare Vitae and its crew, Feidlimid claimed that the emperor had created the mega jump scars, despite evidence that the mega jump scars are at least millions of years old.