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Session 3: In which the party repeatedly avoid fighting gangsters with fully automatic grenade launchers

Present: Davon, Feidlimid, and Logan

Feidlimid set his hand-held computer and automated suit to search online for available cargo overnight. In the morning, they reported some prospector was claiming to sell 3 tons of alien life, another trader had 50 tons of cattle in cryoberths, and someone selling vehicles. The party went to inspect the alien life, which were methane-based prokaryotes --primitive, single-celled organisms based on liquid methane instead of water. Logan's knowledge of biology, from his experience investigating alien life, revealed that such samples are very rare, but widely known to exist by those interested in such questions and that investigating these would not revolutionise humanities understanding of the universe. The prospector had bought some samples from some researchers who extracted the samples. He was initially asking for Cr200,000/ton and dropped to Cr150,000/ton as the party was leaving, although he wasn't willing to accept Feidlimid's offer of Cr50,000/ton. The party then went to inspect the live animals, which were 50 tons of cattle in cryoberths. Using Feidlimid's experience of farming, he was able to check the quality of the cattle and boost his negotiations. The party bought 25 tons (i.e. 25 cows) at Cr8,500 each.

The party returned to their ship, where the weapons turret was being installed at an average speed, and the engineer said it would take an additional day and a half to finish. Davon's RAM (automatic grenade launcher) arrived, and another, larger package arrived for "Charlie Charlie" with four more. The low passengers arrived and were frozen. Two of the high passengers arrived, and, in game, a three-way argument arose between the passengers, the party, and engineers about when the ship would leave and the installation would be completed. This was partially resolved by having the ship delayed one night, the passengers getting to bring some extra cargo, and --most importantly-- the GM checking the rules and finding the day/million credit of construction assumes an average shipyard, instead of the particularly sophisticated one on Proximus d. The party adeptly kept the RAMs from the passengers until the delayed launch was largely resolved. The passengers returned late at night with 10 tons of cargo. Feidlimid's surveillance droid "Theresa" scanned it, and Feidlimid recognised there were 7 tons of basic electronics and 3 tons of illegal cybernetics, but the agent in his computer failed to recognise the disguised cybernetics and recorded 10 tons of basic electronics. The party flew out of the dock, plotted a course meticulously carefully to get a +2, engaged the engines, and successfully jumped to the next system, Grenaeruros.

The four high passengers were Charles "Charlie Charlie" Charleston, Ron "Weasely" Wozel, "Heavy" Mike, and "Fat Neck" Rick. The last three had visible tattoos across the tops of their heads; the first, their boss, had thick hair. Poor investigation rolls merely revealed that large head tattoos are often associated with organised crime. The passengers spent late nights drinking, with "Heavy" Mike and "Fat Neck" Rick drinking until 5. Logan, hoping to develop his carousing skill, stayed up with them and was present when an argument about a love triangle broke out between them. "Fat Neck" Rick threatened to kill "Heavy" Mike. Fortunately, with some lucky initiative rolls and superior skill in unarmed combat, Logan was able to hold "Fat Neck" back and persuade him that what happened wasn't worth fighting over. "Heavy" Mike managed to flee and break into the cargo hold, but -with "Fat Neck" restrained- he was persuaded by Feidlimid not to flee into the engine room. Multiple successful grapples again prevented a RAM fight.

The party arrived successfully at Grenaururos. The high passengers disembarked. Daven took extra time to carefully thaw the low passengers. His skill and care meant that he didn't even need to roll for ten of the passengers, and that he handily revived the entire, sickly Miggins family. Feidlimid again used his expert farming skills to boost his negotiation, allowing the party to sell their cryo cows for Cr 12,500 each, making a total profit of Cr100,000 on the cows alone in their first ten days of Travelling. The party's spirits were buoyed by their confidence they'd be able to make their first month's mortgage payment. They decided to head to the harsh desert world of Erobquzadeia and recruited 4 middle passengers for this.

Some house rules and corrections from this session

The standard modifier for using a computer to track goods without a supremo account is -3.

The alien life were methane-based prokaryotes not eukaryotes.

"Live animal" cargo is assumed to be kept in cryoberths, to avoid exhausting the ships life-support.

The one day per million credits of ship upgrades is an average and not the fastest possible in a well equipped station.