Traveller SD2018 Session2Finances

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Initial finances

Character Cash Ship shares
Branson-Mayhem-Solo 510,000 7 +2 yacht
Barratt 200,000 3
Rushmore 5,000 0

Final personal finances

Much spending on droids, weapons, intraparty transfers, and cybernetics. (GM lost track of details here.)

Branson-Mayhem-Solo 201,205
Santini 0?
Kyra ?
Rushmore 6,840
Carpenter 10,000


Standard Free Trader (30 years old, 14 ship shares) MCr 27.10692 (=35.667 x (1-.1-.14))
Mods: Double turret, beam laser, sand caster MCr 1.75 (=.5+1+.25)
Massively modded Air raft ("The Princess") MCr 1.8 (Not present, doesn't currently contribute to the maintenance or mortgage)
Total value for maintenance purposes MCr 37.417 (=35.667+1.75)
Outstanding mortgage MCr 28.85692

(Cr 50,000 was spent on new sensors, but this replaced an existing system and was paid immediately, so contributes to neither the maintenance nor the mortgage.)

Monthly expenses

Mortgage Cr 120,237
Maintenance Cr 3,118
Life support Cr 22,000
Total Cr 147,648

(Last modified after session 3. Some corrections may need to be made.)