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In which the party demonstrate the effect of grenades in enclosed spaces

Present: Davon, Artesia, Feidlimid

The party arrived in Banshee, a tech-level 5 (1950s) with few laws and dominated by oligarchs. The planet lacks water and has only a thin atmosphere, so the few million inhabitants mostly lived in city districts that were enclosed in large concrete blocks. Soon after their arrival, the party was bombarded with radio calls from hotels, rum distilleries, and casinos urging the party to land. However, only one station had the license and equipment to sell fuel, so the party landed there.

Upon arrival, the party crossed the jetway into the class D port, and a goon in a suit invited them through some back stairs to a private bar. In the bar, the party met the oligarch controlling the starport, Heria Ramons, and the captain of the orbital naval base, Captain Vance Holtz. Ramons and Holtz say the party are welcome to visit the planet briefly, to enjoy the local amenities, and to trade. Captain Vance Holtz warned the party not to create trouble, not to act as they had on Jevgeia or Zhi Ren, and not to ask about the Mare Vitae. Captain Holtz warned that nearby systems had been hit by pirates, but the pirates didn't make attacks in Banshee because of the naval base. Despite this, the party checked the starport's records and found the Mare Vitae had visited on the dates they had previously been told, but not since.

Feidlimid starts wondering around with MCr.5 in a duffle bag for walking-around money. The party connected the ships comms to the local telephone network. Not only was the planets economy dominated by rum distilleries and casinos, but also the locals seemed to view off worlders as a source of good luck, explaining why the party had been bombarded by establishments trying to attract them. The party sold their vehicles and textiles from Seraph and some cybernetics from an earlier planet. They bought some new trade goods, but they were only able to attract 4 low passengers and 1 midpassenger, a priestess of an alien worshiping religion.

The party had heard that in addition to rum distilleries and casinos, Banshee was home to some old, alien temples. Further investigation revealed that "old" merely meant several hundred years and that "alien" meant for the worship of aliens, the idea of aliens, or the idea of contact with aliens, but not that the temples were build by aliens. The temples had been built 400 years ago, when the planet was tech-level 14. The main temple one was called the floating pyramid. The party drove several hours to visit it. The old TL 14 temple area had an enclosed environment, although there was no visible barrier holding it in, so the party did not need environmental suits. It consisted of an inverted pyramid several hundred meters across floating in the air, with various antigrav corridors allowing visitors to float to the top and then float down again. A number of large rock cubes hung in positions beneath the pyramid, but, in a couple places, the antigrav paths were slightly deficient and ropes and chains had been hung from floating pyramid. What was once the planet's second largest temple was now called "the rad pit"; the party did not investigate further. A number of other temples existed but the party did not investigate.

After driving back to the capital city, Howl, Feidlimid's robot butler reported that a nameless caller had left a message saying he had important information related to the Mare Vitae and about why the party had been attacked on Mirage. The caller told the party to bring MCr3 and to meet at 9 in a bar on the other end of Howl. Suspicious, the party went, but armed and armoured.

Shortly after the party arrived in the dive, the barkeeper surreptitiously made a call to report their arrival. Feidlimid's surveillance drone reported a van rapidly approaching. Feidlimid went to ask the barkeeper about the call, as the van pulled up. The side door on the van popped open to reveal two men with gauss rifles, a third with a rocket launcher, plus the driver. One of the men managed to get out of the van before Davon launched a stun grenade through the dive's front window and into the back of the van from the shoulder mounted grenade launcher in his battle dress. If I recall correctly, the two in the back of the van were immediately knocked unconscious, the gunman outside was protected, and the driver managed to dive beneath the driver's seat. Then, Artesia walked shot the remaining gunman with a stunner, and Feidlimid shot the driver with a stunner while he was trying to get back in the driver's seat and drive away. My recollection is that the goons didn't get to do anything, but if they had fired a rocket into the back of the dive, Artesia's armour would have allowed her to keep fighting and Davon's Battle Dress would have prevented him taking any damage.

The party waited for the police to arrive and arrest the thugs. They found the barkeeper and many of the customers had fled. Feidlimid paid a remaining waitress Cr2000 to cover the cost of a new window. The party were questioned for a couple hours by the police but then let go. The party then returned to the ship. Feidlimid called Captain Holtz and left a message saying his goons had failed. The robot butler reported that, the same caller had left a message shortly after 9 saying something had gone wrong and he wouldn't be able to make the meeting. He had called a second time to arrange another meeting, and the party insisted on meeting in the starport.

The party met the informant. He said his name was Damien Takach. He dropped his price from MCr3 to MCr1. He said that after getting paid, he planned to fly off world to avoid the dangerous people behind the attack on the party. Some difficult persuade rolls and some talk suggesting the party would pay the million credits, convinced Damien to rush on to the Logan Carpenter, and the party quickly jumped to void sector 0703.