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Session 11: In which the party continue their investigation on Seraph B

Present: Davon, Atesia, Feidlimid

The party bought some additional gear. Having reread the life support rules, we retroactively ruled that the additional fuel tank was two tons larger than previously agreed.

The party scanned the jump crystal and found, as is widely known, that it is 95% water and almost 5% carbon, with traces of other elements, which, to the best of the GM's knowledge, is within the wide range of common compositions for comets. It was composed of large, fairly high quality ice crystals

The party asked about the Mare Vitae and used the station's computer systems to find records, including flight paths within the sector. The party learned the following:

* The records in Seraph A about arrivals and departures for the Mare Vitae match those the party received on Mirage. 
* Most people on A arrived after Mare Vitae left, since the station is new.
* Many reported that the crew of the Mare Viate were aloof, and reject proposals to join the new station.
* Someone says the ship occasionally shared messages. The crew of the Mare Vitae were cagey about sharing data but also erratic. There were several days when they sent their entire raw data feed from the monolith or from the jump scar, but their outgoing comms didn’t seem to be able to keep up. They sent some scans from other sectors. They sent a bunch of random stuff. Michy Coxand and Chrothia Roberts said it was very important to make back ups and share their data before sending some large sections shortly before leaving. 
* The amount of data the Mare Vitae seemed to have on the jump crystal and the mega jump scars was colossal. In violation of standard Traveller rules, the data took computer rating. The few days' worth of data in Seraph A took 2 rating. 
* The scans revealed that the Mare Vitae's sensors are at least "Very Advanced", certainly better than that for certain tasks, and simply better across the board. 
* Someone says the Mare Vitae was heavily shielded. It was about 1000 tons. This confirmed what Bliss Large reported in session 7. (The GM thought that this had also been confirmed in session 9 on Spinning Skull, but I can't currently find a record of this.) 
* Someone says the crew rarely joined the other ships, despite visiting the system twice for several weeks. Most, but not all of the crew came down occasionally. Those that did seemed friendly enough, but they were always taking pictures of their meals and sending them back to the ship. Galen and Raha -the drifters- were particularly known for this. Louis Morganz, the biologist, never came to the station. 

The party then jumped to Spirit. Local news reported that 2 weeks prior, pirates had attacked another Free Trader "The Rice Carrier", and some weeks earlier, pirates had attacked another ship, "Carthage". They sold their e-bikes (advanced vehicles) and frozen cows. They bought air-rafts and textiles for trade. Local custom required 1 percent of the value of the trades be spent on feasting. This came to almost kCr100, enough to provide days of feasting for the entire planet's population.

The party then made a mortgage payment and jumped to Banshee. (Sale of goods was handled this session, although this was slightly retconned at the beginning of the next session.)