Traveller SD2018 Session10Plot

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Session 10: In which the party make tens of millions of credits and buy battle dress

Present: Artesia, Davon, Feidlimid

The party engaged in trade on Shimmer. The party made just over Cr100,000 and then spent almost all of their money on a large shipment of advanced electronics. Since this planet had about 25000 AI citizens and just 15000 humans, it seemed like a good place to buy cheap electronics. Feidlimid arranged for him and Davon to hold a radio interview. Despite some obvious half-truths, the fundamental righteousness and persuasiveness (or was at a different skill) of Feidlimid managed to win the support of the honour-bound listeners. The party found that the Mare Vitae had jumped here, refueld at the gas giant, and then quickly departed.

Despite the low population, the party was able to recruit a group of four Followers of the Xenopaclypse. The followers tried to convince the party that extragalactic aliens had seeded the galaxy with life so that it could be harvested, that these aliens will soon return to harvest all of humanity, and that this should be celebrated because it is glorious to finally achieve one's purpose. The followers wanted to be taken to the jump crystal (aka monolith) in Seraph. The party found that the Mare Vitae had jumped here, refueld at the gas giant, and then quickly departed again.

The party jumped to Cherub, the first of a sequence of tiny, participatory democracies. Here, they found a small mining community. After speaking to the minister of information, the party managed to find a trader, who was desperate for advanced electronics to scan the nearby asteroid belt for radioactives and paid the party the colossal sum of Cr22,000,000. The party bought some more goods and departed.

The party successfully jumped to Seraph B, a starport just over a hundred diameters from the mega jump scar region which contains the jump crystal. The refueled and engaged in trade. They found that the station was only about a year old, that extended stays inside the jump scar seemed to require extensive shielding to prevent some form of contamination, and that the Mare Vitae had arrived and departed at the times on the manifest that the party had previously been given. The Mare Vitae had spent most of its time near the jump crystal.

The party then spent a few days flying to Seraph A, a heavily shielded station near the jump crystal. This station was about two years old, although it was still under going extensive construction. Most ships seemed to have individual docks which were being fitted with shielding. Before the party started investigating the Mare Vitae, Davon and Feidlimid went to the TAS station, where they met some traders and bought a suit of TL 14 battle dress. Artesia went to visit the scout station.