Traveller SD2018 MareVitaeRecordings

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Clip 1

Woman 1: “We’ve been attacked.”

Clip 2

Man 1: “There’s a hull breach.”

Clip 3

Woman 2: “It’s loose. It could be anywhere.”

Clip 4

Woman 3: “ we should scuttle the ship by flying into the star”

Clip 5

Man 2: “Where is that thing?”

Clip 6

Man 3: “We should never have brought that thing onto the ship.”

Clip 7

Man 4: “We have to kil it.”

Woman 4: “What about the experiment?”

Man 4: “It’s not about the experiment anymore. Either we kill it, or it kills us.”

Clip 8

Man 5: “I’m not sacrificing my life for your experiment.”

Clip 9

Man 6: “The weapons in the locker are for dealing with kids who want to play pirates. There’s nothing in there that will help. There was a locker with weapons for this situation in section C, but who knows it they’re still there after the breach and that thing is there now anyway.”

Further notes

Clip 4 may has been clipped somewhat awkwardly.

Man 1 and Man 6 are the same person. Man 2 and 3 are the same person. Woman 1 and 2 are the same.