Traveller SD2018 Map SLR LMR

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SLR LMR sector

Only the following systems are listed.

This is on a horizontal hex grid (with the first row shifted to the right [+] with respect to the second row, which is shifted to the left [-]).

Information is in a slightly modified form of the standard Traveller system code. The first part of the code is x coordinate, + or - to indicate the shift, y coordinate. The second part of the code is the star base code, then size, atmosphere, hydrography, population, and government type codes. The nthird part of the code is the law code for weapons, drugs, information, technology, and travelers. The fourth part is the tech level. The fifth lists the first initial of the type of base present. The fifth part indicates the presence of a gas giant. The sixth part of the code lists the trade codes. The seventh part is the name.

07+03 A00066 77046 13 G TI NaVa Proximus d
07+03 A00076 77042 11 G NaVa Proximus f
08+03 A22510 20000 14 G STR HtLo Grenaenuros
09+03 C55134 30925 7 G N Lo Erenar
08-04 C22022 20113 12 G Lo Nalrar
09-04 X63069 768B8 4 G DeNo Erobquzedoia
10-04 C60035 32445 7 G N Lo Javgeia
08+05 DA6078 77C8A 3 G N NiLt Esusavanus
09+05 B75014 25627 8 G SRT Lo Dozaque
10+05 A93035 37537 14 NRT HtLo Rekar (High-orbit)