Traveller SD2018 CharacterCreation

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  • 0) Choose name
  • 1a) Roll 2d6 six times and assign to ability scores.
  • 1b) Compute modifiers from ability scores.
  • 2a) Determine the environment of your home world (choose or random roll)
  • 2b) Determine base skills at level 0, with 2 from the planet's environment and (3+Edu bonus) from the high school curriculum.
  • 2c) Start your character's age to 18.
  • 3a) Choose a career you have not previously had
  • 3b) Make an appropriate ability check to enter it
  • 3c) If you fail, and you have not previously been "drafted", you may choose to randomly determine a service career and make an ability check to enter

that career instead.

  • 3d) If you fail steps b and c, you enter the drifter career.
  • 3e) If this is your first career, you get the career's six service skills at rank 0; otherwise, you choose one at rank 0.
  • 3f) Choose a specialty within the career.
  • 4a) Choose to roll on the career service skill table, the advanced training table if you're EDU is high enough, or the specialty skill table to get a

+1 on some skill.

  • 4b) Add 4 years to your characters age
  • 4c) Roll for "survival"; if you succeed go to 4d), but if not 4x)
  • 4d) Roll a life event. Pay attention to the other characters' life events.
  • 4e) If you are in a military career and aren't yet an officer, make an ability score check for a commission.
  • 4f) Make an ability score check for promotion and, if successful, choose to randomly roll on one of the tables from step 4a)
  • 4g) If your character is 34 or older, roll on the aging table
  • 4h) Choose to either step 4a) or step 5)
  • 4x) Roll on the mishap table. If your character is 34 or older, roll on the aging table. Go to step 5.
  • 5) Choose to go to start a new career in step 3a) or decide to retire to start Travelling in step 6)
  • 6) For all your careers, for each term you spent in the career and for each promotion in that career, roll once on either the cash or benefits table.

At most 3 rolls can be on cash tables

  • 7) Once all the other characters have finished their careers, select two different characters and a life event or mishap for each, explain how your

character was also involved, justify to the GM why each experience is related to a skill, and gain one rank in each skill

  • 8) Finally, distribute between the party the following skills at rank 1: Pilots (any) 1, Sensors 1, Comms 1, Gunner (any) 1, Gun Combat (any) 1,

Persuade 1, Stealth 1, Medic 1. (There's a difference between getting a skill at rank 1 and getting a +1 to a skill; the latter gives a rank 1 skill if you were untrained or had the skill at rank 0, but otherwise stacks with existing ranks.)

  • 9) Compute pensions if you had 20 or more years in a career, purchase starting gear, compute ship shares, and choose a ship (probably a Free Trader, possibly with mods, perhaps used)
  • 10) Start Travelling