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Family Tree

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Maximus 384 - 431

Maximus was born in the great city of Rome at the time that the empire was crumbling. Maximus took service as a Legionnaire and he and his colleagues spent their time being rushed around the empire dealing with barbarian uprisings. Near the end of his 20 year service Maximus, now risen to a centurions rank, was garrisoned in Britain where he took a wife from among the natives and fathered several children. When his service ended Maximus decided to remain in Britain rather than take the long trip back to Rome with most of his men and thus requested that the reward for his service be land in Britain. Maximus’s family had long been Christian and he taught his children and people the ruled over the roman version of the faith resisting the changes to the local faith which estranged them from their neighbours. Maximus died of disease at the age of 47 leaving behind several children, his eldest son was Julius, named after the roman emperor who had first conquered Britain.

Gwen 388-429

Gwen was a native Britan that Maximus married. Her father and Uncle were involved in an uprising against the Roman garrison and were killed for their treason. Maximus married her to cement the Roman control of the region and was given the land previously held by her father, with the marrage she converted to the Roman Christianity. Dispite the bad blood between their races Maximus and Gwen seemed happy together. They had a single child, their son Julius. She died from a fever in 429.

Julius 410 - 439

Julius, born 410 was raised to be strong in the Roman faith and considered taking a holy order before he was made a knight. He was shocked when Rome decided to abandon Britain to Barbarians and tried to contact his few relatives still within the Empire but given the chaos of the time it is not known if any of his missives got through. Like his father, Julius married a native further diluting his Roman blood in his sons, Equinus, Achanthus and Zephyrinus. His life was fairly short not completing his third decade before being killed in the battle of Caerleon when his eldest son was less than a year old, he never knew his younger children as they were conceived only shortly before death. However, the story of his death is remembered with much honour within his family. Julius and his vassals were holding the flank of the Briton army when they were attacked by a much larger Saxon war band. Julius fault the Saxon Cheafton in single combat and was impaired by the Saxon’s great sword, however, thanks to god’s grave Julius did not fall instead dragging his foes sword from his grasp and decapitating him with his own weapon. This sight disheartened the war band and they fled the field of battle, it was only once they had fled from sight that Julius collapsed and died only after passing his sword to the squire to give to his then infant son Equinus when he came of age.

Miniva 420 - 450

Miniva was the daugher of a local noble who married Julius young, she was married for less than 2 years before she was widowed but still bore him three sons. She was left in charge of the manor and remarried quickly to maintain the stability of the estate. Her second husband was one of her cousins by the name of Gwain and she bore him a son called Brute. She found it difficult to balance the needs of her two families and was hurt by the bad blood between her sons and husband. She and her husband both died in a fire which destroyed part of the manor in 450.

Gwain 400 - 450

Gwain was the cousin of and second husband of Mineva. Originally he got on well with his step sons but eventually he bacame jelous that his blood would not inherit. He was a devout British Christian and tried to sway the family to that religion but met sturn resistance from the traditional Roman Christians in the estates. He died in a fire along with this wife.

Brute 442 - 482

Brute was the son of Gwain and Miniva making him Equinus's half brother. He was jealous of his older siblings and challenged his older brother to a duel on the day of his knighting. He was defeated and fled the family holdings although the scandal would blight the family for a generation. It is rumoured that Brute joined up with a group of mercenary Saxons and was eventually killed by them.

Acanthus 440 -

Acanthus is a practical down-to-earth man, quiet in most social situations but a competent fighter, while Equinus was fighting battles in other parts of the country it was Acanthus who remained at home protecting it from raiders. He married apparently for love as his bride bought little into the family although their union seems happy. Acanthus was particularly close to his niece and her death hit him hard as he was the one who discovered what that Saxon’s had done to her and her husband, he blames himself for not arriving earlier and saving her. Acanthus is very loyal to Julius although he prefers to receive orders rather than give advice. Upon Zephyrius he adopted his widowed bride Catherine into his own house and treats her as a pseudo daughter was somewhat disturbed when she married his biological son. He was accused of adultary in 496 but took it in his stride claiming to be to old for that sort of thing.

His Wife Bea disapeared in 498, Acanthus has left his home and duties and is desperately searching for her dispite his failing health.

Zephyrius 440 - 490

Zephyrius on the other hand is a larger than life figure always proclaiming his worthiness while getting very little done. He is an important figure at court and is often involved in courtly love proclaiming his undying love to one maiden after another before losing interest after a few weeks. Zephyrius is however, a great horseman and takes part in many tourneys although in most events his skills do not match up with his boasts. Zephyrius finally married in 490 to a woman over 30 years his junior called Catherine, unfortuantly after drinking to much at his wedding feast he died that night choking on his own vomit.

Equinus 438 - 484

Equinus, born 438, was raised by his mother who married again a few years after his father’s death. Equinus and his brothers got on well with their step father Gwain. However, when Equinus’s mother bore Gwain a son, Brute, their relationship with both step father and half-brother soured. Brute was jealous of his half-brother’s particularly Equinus who as the eldest stood to inherit the estate when he came of age. Things came to a head in 460 when Equinus was knighted, insensed Brute insulted his brother in front of their liege lord, forced to choose between the bonds of family and his own honour Equinus was forced to challenge his own half-brother to a duel which he won humiliating Brute. Brute left the family lands and did not return. Equinus joined the army to fight Vortigern in 462 and fought alongside and became close friends with twin knights by the name of Cubert and Craddoc, who had been raised in the heathen faith. Shocked, Equinus talked them into joining the true Roman Christian faith both. Once properly baptised they proposed that Equinus marry their sister Indeg to bond their houses. The marriage took place in 464 however; the couple did not get on and were rarely in each other’s company apart from their duties as a married couple. Despite this Indeg bore Equinus twin sons in 465, however, the first child older by a half hour was sickly and died within a few days before it was even named, the surviving on was called Julius after his grandfather hoping the name would bring luck. Equinus fought in several battles over the following decades but his history as having fought his own brother dogged his steps reducing his honour. Indeg bore him a daughter, Mineva, in 466 and a son Virilius in 467. He died in battle in 484.

Indeg 435 -

Julius’s mother Indeg was very different from her husband. Whereas he was a devoted Roman Christian she hardly paid lip service to the faith and is rumoured to still hold to the old religions of the land. She was openly hostile to her husband for most of his life generally considering his an unsuitable husband based on his lack on ambition. She shed not one tear at his death. Now well into her 5th decade Indeg is still in good health although she rarely leaves the family holdings any more, she oversees the running of the house hold when her son is not home and is a harsh mistress to the servants often having them beaten for even small infractions. She went missing in the winter of 489 and may have been killed by one of the servants after pushing them too far. To everyone's suprise she reapeared in 506 with child revealing that she has spent the last decade and a half at the king of the forest savage's court and the child had been born by immaculate conception. Many at court questioned this occurence.

Cubert 440 -

Cubert and Craddoc are Indegs twin brothers and thus Julius’s uncles. They are very close often finishing each other’s sentences. They both courted the same woman and when she chose Craddoc, Cubert vowed to never marry moving into his brother’s new home. They are less close to their sister Indeg but thought of Equinus as a brother rather than a brother in law. They were raised in a house which still followed the old ways but quickly converted to the Roman faith upon meeting Equinus. The brothers are good natured and now rather rotund older men who enjoy nothing more than hunting on their estate and tourneys. Both brothers are fond of their nephews but tend to treat Julius somewhat stand oafishly although they are closer to Virilius. Cubert addopted a child names Millie after his brothers wife in 507 after her family were killed in an accident, some wisper that the child is his bastard.

Craddoc 440 -

Cubert and Craddoc are Indegs twin brothers and thus Julius’s uncles. They are very close often finishing each other’s sentences. They both courted the same woman and when she chose Craddoc, Cubert vowed to never marry moving into his brother’s new home. They are less close to their sister Indeg but thought of Equinus as a brother rather than a brother in law. They were raised in a house which still followed the old ways but quickly converted to the Roman faith upon meeting Equinus. The brothers are good natured and now rather rotund older men who enjoy nothing more than hunting on their estate and tourneys. Both brothers are fond of their nephews but tend to treat Julius somewhat stand oafishly although they are closer to Virilius.

Bea 438 - 498?

Bea is Acanthus's wife. He caused a minor scandal by marrying a commoner apparently for love. She is a quiet woman, most at home in the kitchen, rather than at court. Like her husband she is laid-back and down to earth although she often worries for the safety of her son Michael as he acts as Julius's squire. She has two further children both daughters Camilla and Octavia.

Bea disapeared in 498 while visiting relatives. Acanthus is desperately searching for her.

Millie 445 - 502?

Millie is the wife of Craddoc. The eldest daughter of a fairly powerful lord she was courted by many knights in her youth. Both Craddoc and Cubert vied for her hand and she was one of the few things that could make the twins fight. In the end Craddoc won her but she has lived with both brothers since. She had born four children to date all girls, given her age further children are unlikely but she yearns for a son.

Millie disapeared from her private quarters in 502 without a trace. It is rumoured she was abducted by fae, strangly Cubert and Craddoc do not seem worried by her disapearence.

Camilla 463 - 499?

Eldest child of Bea and Accanthus. Unlike her parents she is very devout and felt drawn to take holy orders becoming a Nun at age 12 she currently resides at a convent far from the family estate. She disapeared after a saxon raid on the nunnary in 499 in which Morgan was temporarily captured.

Michael 473 - 501

The son of Acanthus and Bea. Michael is currently acting as his cousin Julius' squire. He has his fathers down-to-earth personality but has also learnt a spiritual side from his master. He is much kinder, more trusting and rather more social than Julius although he martial training has been less successful. He was knighted in 490 and presented with an estate by Julius.

He was shocked by Julius's death in 495 along with the obliteration of the cream of the countries knights. To his estonishment Virilius was unwilling to take up the role of the head of the family and due to the age of his father and uncles the role was forced upon him. Although he feels overwhelmed he feels that it is his duty to shoulder him new responsibilities.

He became close to his aunt in law Catherine after her husband died on their wedding night and she was adopted into his house. They started to spend alot of time together and love blossomed leading to their marriage in 496. Their first child a boy called Agrippa was born in 497.

Michael attempted to organise a more formal allance between the knights of the land to strengthen their links by pooling resources for the good of all. The attempt was partually sucessful but it is yet to be seen if it will survive his death.

Michael was killed on the battlefield against Saxon invaders in 501.

Octavia 475 - 485

Daughter of Bea and Acanthus. She died in a riding accident.

Meredith 470 - 490

The arranged bride of Julius, she did not meet her husband until their wedding. She has little in common with him and spends most of the time in her own appartments in the estate. Unlike her husband she has little time for religion. Is skilled at tapestry making and several of her creations now adorn the estate. She has been badly effected by the death of her first child Maximus. She died giving birth to her second child Felix in 490.

Julius 465 - 495

Julius is the current head of the house after the death of his father four years ago. He is a studious man who often spends hours in his houses library reading the bible or past household account and discussing philosophy with the local priest (a distant relation). He is a very pious man who considered taking holy orders until his duty to his family won out. In battle Julius is average at best and recognises this preferring to defer to better fighters when possible when fighting is necessary he prefers to intimidate his opponents with his greater height. He is outspoken about the destruction of the old faith and the forcible conversion of its followers. He follows the Roman version of Christianity and although less out spoken about it than the heathen code he feels that many of the lands problems are due to Britain’s worshipping in the ‘wrong’ way. He expects any visitors to his lands to follow his traditions as a matter of courtesy.

Outside of his favoured topics Julius is rather hesitant in social situations preferring to stay in the background, however, he is prone to making snap decisions about people and pigeon-holing them based on first impressions. He is proud of his Roman heritage and still remains in rare contact with his family far away. Julius finds most of his family to be rather embarrassing, his brother is always on the edge of almost causing scandal and Zephyrus’s boasting wears on him. He gets along better with Acanthus, Cubert and Craddoc although he has problems with the latter two's bumptious ways and pagan leanings. He often asks Acanthus for advice, particularly on military matters although the old man is not keen and taking on such responsibility. Julius does not know what to do with his mother, he knows she does not respect him and his ways and likewise he would like her gone, however, he recognises that she is skilled at running the household and is a necessary part of the family. Like his father before him he tries to avoid her as much as possible.

Once knighted Julius asked his liege for a wife and was quickly provided with the youngest daughter of another of his vassals. The couple were not close but knew their duty, unfortunately their first child, a son, was born sickly and did not live to see its first birthday. The death effected both parents badly. A second child was born in 490 but the birth was difficult and Meredeth died. Driven temporaryly insane by gref Julius decided to pose his daughter as a boy and named 'him' Felix. Shortly after Julius remarried to the youngest daughter of him leige Rosalind. A new child was born in 493, a true boy this time names Claudius, unsure what to do in relation to his previous lies, Julius continued to raise Felix as a boy and his heir. The problem was removed from Julius's hands in 495 with his death in battle. Only a few servents are aware of Felix's true nature.

Unnamed 465 - 465

The unnamed first child of Equinus and Indeg twin to Julius. Only lived for a few hours after birth.

Miniva 466 - 484

Miniva was Julus's sister. She married a young knight from a good family in 483, and became pregnant. However, she, her husband and her unborn child were tortured and murdered in a Saxon raid on her husbands lands in 484.

Virilius 467 -

Julius’s brother Virilius is very different to his elder brother. When as his brother is tall, scholarly and Pious Virilius is short, physical and far more lustful. Although getting to an age when he should be looking for a wife he is happy to dalliance with local maidens instead. Despite his short comings Virilius is a skilled fighter and loyal to his house and brothers well-being. He has no want to inherit the estate being happy to remain the second brother. He is said to be the only person that his mother actually likes. The inevitable happened in 489 and he obtained a bastard daugher called Eve from a peasent girl called Jezabel. Eventually in 491 he gave in to family preasure and got married, however, to spite them he married his lover Jazabel, a peasent. He had a further child with his new wife in 493 a boy named Adam. He was shocked by his brothers death in battle in 495 and was horrified that it made him the head of the family, unable to deal with the responsibility he has passed most of the political power of the family to his cousin Michael.

Upon Michaels death he was forced to take charge and followed his fellow nights into battle against rebel forces. After an outstanding victors he spend most of the spoils on a feast of legondery proportions.

Virillius's first wife died birthing his third child in 504 and he quickly remarried to a lady named Annabell who in turn birthed a further five children before again dying in child birth along with the final child in 510.

With the appearence of Arthur and his nephew Felix, Virilius stopped taking part in family affairs and gave in to his baser instincts spending all his days drinking and feasting.

Abbey 460 - 462

Daughter of Craddoc and Morgan. She disappeared for several days shortly after her first birthday before her body was found in the estate gardens. It is rumoured that she was abducted by Fey, and that the corpse found was a changeling.

Biddie 461 -

Daughter of Craddoc and Morgan. She is currently being wooed by many local knights she is highly competitive with her sister Ruth both attempting to show their favour to the highest ranking knight. Biddie is famed for her singing voice. Biddie married an older knight called Cuthbert in 487, she bore him a daughter named Jillian in 488.

Ruth 463 -

Daughter of Craddoc and Morgan. She is currently being wooed by many local knights she is highly competitive with her sister Biddie both attempting to show their favour to the highest ranking knight. Ruth is considered to be the beauty of the two although she is also somewhat fragile and is frequently sick discouraging many suitors who feel she might not survive to bear them a son. She was finally married in the year 500 to a younger knight called Harold.

Morgan 465 - 470

Daughter of Craddoc and Morgan. She died young from the pox.

Maximus 487 - 488

First born child of Julius and Meredeth. Died of a fever shortly before his first birthday, was sickly for most of his life. --Bill 12:32, 17 February 2012 (UTC)

Cuthbert 447 -

A popular knight very skilled with a lance. He caught the eye of Biddie at a tourny and asked his leage for permission to marry her which was quickly granted. Although other ten years her seniour they seem well matched and she bore him a child soon after their marriage.

Jillian 487 -

Daughter of Biddie and Cuthbert.

Catherine 473 -

The daughter of a lesser knight. We was married to Zepherius but was quickly widdowed as the old knight died on their wedding knight. She has been adopted into Acanthus's household. Given their similar ages Catherine came to spend alot of time with Michael, love quickly bloomed and shortly after starting to act as head of the household Michael asked his lord for permission to marry Catherine which he gave in 496. There first child Agrippa was born in 497.

Felix 490 - 521

The second child of Julius and Meredeth. The birth was difficult and her mother died. Distraught and hoping for an heir Julius has anounced that she is a boy and his heir.

Felix was raised as a boy by family retainers. And squired to a local duke by Virillius. When she came of age she started to take over the running of the family as felix was unwilling to maintain this role. Still disgised as a man she has appeared at serveral court sessions and is trying to make a name for herself as a great warrior. She is somewhat smitten with the boy king and was unhappy when he chose Gwenivere as his wife.

Following her injuries as the battle of Branden Hill while feverish she slept with Hermes her Dcotor who she mistook for Arthur. She became pregnant and after nine months of hiding her condition gave birth to a daughter. She bid her servent take the child from her sight and leave it at the church door. The priest took in the child and when she 'first heard' of it Felix took pity on the foundling and bid it be raised by one of her servent in the manor house. To her displeasure the child was named Gwenivere by the priest in honor of the queen.

To her suprise Felix found herself attracted to the fay Maiden Floria, however, before their remance could come to anything Felix was killed in 521 fighting against Lord Mortal outside the castle of Hope. She was personaly slain by Mortal himself as she called upon the power of the Grail in his presence. The Grail itself was used to resurect Felix but at a cost, she could no longer leave the castle and will remain their forever as one of its imortal defenders.

Felix's secret was know to a few of her servents, her squire and Hermes the surgeon.

Rosalind 470 -

The youngest daughter of Julius and his second wife. Rosalind is a spoilt brat used to getting her own way and unwilling to do anything her husband asked of her. She was hoping to be married to a richer knight than Julius and wants little to do with him. With the birth of a son in 493 and the death of Julius in 495, Rosalind in hoping to marry to a better status, however, given the durth of eligable knights this is unlikely.

Jezabel 479 - 502

A girl of pesent stock. Knowing that the only hope she had of getting off of her family farm was to use her looks she hoped to obtain the cushy position of a knights mistress. She was exstatic when he managed to snare Virillis and bore him a daughter called Eve. She was suprised when he married her, she currently has no idea what to do about this most of the nobility and servents hate her and her husband is as lost as she is. She gave birth to a second child Adam in 493. She died birthing her third child lillith in 502.

Eve 489 -

The illigitimate first child of Virilius and Jezabel.

With the death of her monther and the retirement of her father to his pleasures she and her brother were left in charge of the Manor. She has saught a marrage for many years but her father refuses to give her away as he prefers to keep her around his holdings.

With her brothers ascension to the court he managed to arrange a marraige for her against his fathers wishes. Her first husband was a knight of roman decent named Gaius who married her in year 522, unfortuantly after a feast with his brides family he took sick and died within the year. Eve remaried on 523 to an older knight named Karnacky, to date they have no children.

Adam 493 -

The second child of Virilius and Jezabel.

Very differently tempered from his father, as Virillus falls further and further into depravity and with Felix's Adam has ben forced to become the head of the familty and takes the duty very seriously. He hates his father and the shame that he has brought on the family and seeks to unseat him. He is very close to his sister Eve and obtained several husbands for her against his fathers wishes.

It was Adam who discovered that Lancalot had broken Arthur's decree by taking the broken lances from the wounded knight.

Claudius 493 - 497

The only son of Julius and Rosalind. Died of a fever leaving Felix as Julius's only child.

Agrippa 497 -

Michael and Catherines first child and his heir

Diana 498 -

Michael and Catherines second child.

Skippio 499 -

Michael and Catherines third child.

Haera 500 -

Michael and Catherines fourth and last child born before his death.

lilith 502 - 517

The third child of Virilius and Jezabel, her mother died giving birth to her. Lilith herself also died in childbirth after being married to Bran of Bjorn's line.

Mary 505 -

The first child of Virillius and Annabell

Gaia 506 -

The miracle child of Indeg born in her mothers 71st year by immaculate conseption, or so her mother claims. Most at court whisper that the child is adopted, or maybe a changing born of the elven king.

Delilah 506 -

The second child of Virillius and Annabell

Millie 507 -

The adopted child of Cubert wispered to be his bastard offspring.

Joseph 508 -

The third child of Virillius and Annabell

Went missing in 525 during a hunt.

Sampson 509 -

The fourth child of Virillius and Annabell

Unnamed 510 -

The final child of Virillius and Annabell died along with Annabell at birth.

Gwenevere 518 - 520

The secret child of Felix and Hermes. She was left at the church as a foundling and named by the priest. Felix adopted her into his household to be raised by servents. She died of malnution after only a few years.

Budica 505 -

The wife to Adam, they married at his lords request in 521.

To date she had bore him 5 children four girls and one boy.

Gaius 492 -

The first husband of Eve. He died for food poisoning after a feast held by Virilius.

Karnacky 505 -

The second husband of Eve.

Agustia 522 -

First child of Adam and Budica

Bellone 523 -

Second child of Adam and Budica

Ceres 524 -

Third child of Adam and Budica

Diana 525 -

Fourth child of Adam and Budica, sister of Domitianus

Domitianus 525 -

Fourth child of Adam and Budica, brother of Diana