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Coat of Arms

Beorn Coat of Arms.jpg

Family Tree

Beorn Family Tree.JPG

Beoarn b.465AD

Beorn, eldest son of Dreng the Saxon knight and his wife Edina. As a boy Beorn rarely saw his father who was often out in service to the king, but when he returned home he would regale his son with stories of battles and the fey folk. During the Battle of Windsor when Beorn was eight years of age his father died in the conflict, he was then left to be raised by his uncle Aglaece who took him as a squire when he came of age and his younger brother Gareth when he came of age. During his teenage years Beorn got into trouble on more than one occasion for either being found gambling with the servants and man-at-arms or for being found in a compromising position with the serving girls, though it was often laughed off by his uncle as a boy being a boy, even if his mother frowned upon his acts. When he was seventeen his mother remarried after his now stepfather Wirt came to him as man of the household to negotiate for his mothers hand in marriage, such was the old ways of his people. Wirt gave Beorn a Byzantine cloak, an heirloom of his family that was used to pay the bride price for Edina's hand in marriage and also as a gift to his soon to be stepson. While still a squire Beorn accompanied his uncle Aglaece around the family home Tisbury, though he preferred to spend his time in an tavern wenching, drinking and generally reveling with whoever he could.