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The planet Telos is located on the border of a wild space region between Segmentum Solar and Segmentum Pacificus. Although technically part of sub sector Naultalus Telos is quite far from the other planets in the sector. Telos itself has undergone terraforming at some point in its past carried out an unknown species and appears to still be going on. Without this terraforming Telos would be a frozen snowball with gravity less than half that of Terra, however, due to the terraforming a wide equatorial band of the planet instead forms a large tropical jungle and the gravity in this area is slightly more than Terra standard. These conditions are believed to be maintained by a number of alien artefacts found on the border of the habitable area’s which are currently being studied by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The planet is home to a field which interacts badly with imperial antigravity technology and even reduces the effectiveness of other flying technologies forcing most of the travel over the planet’s surface to be via land. The planet is rich is various metallic ore’s including some which are not found on any of the other local planets.

As well as a number of local species which seem to be evolved from Terra standard organisms suggesting the planet may have first been colonised during the dark age of technology the planet is also home to both humans and a population of wild orks. The majority of the human population lives in one of seven hive cities founded by imperial colonists see below. A sizable majority of ‘native’ humans live outside of the hives in their own mobile settlements. Small Ork settlements dot the planet but are destroyed whenever imperial or native forces find them.

The imperial presence on the planet is relatively new, the planet was rediscovered by the imperium just over 300 years ago. A troop convoy sent to join the newly forming Invicticus crusade were caught in a warp storm and forced into real space. The convoy consisting of 4 troop ships and 2 escort destroyers appeared at the edge of the Telos system. As it was unknown how long the storm would continue the commanding officer decided to investigate the system and soon discovered a planet overrun by Orks but harbouring small tribes of humans who had not yet seen the emperors light. The leader of the guard contingent Lord General Odin Sarsgaard of Valhalla decided to mount an invasion to drive back the Orks and bring the planet into the Imperium. Over 10 years of hard fighting the Ork forces were decimated and the surviving guard forces had founded a number of cities on the planet. A few years later the storm abated and contact was re-established with the rest of the imperium.

Telos is classed as an imperial world although predictions are that it will become a true hive world in a little under a millennia. The major industry of Telos is mining and military vehicle construction which makes up the vast majority of its tithe to the Imperium. The metallic ore found beneath Telos’s crust produces particularly strong armour and over 10% of all tanks used in the sub sector are produced in Telos. The surface of Telos is particularly dense making conventional mining difficult and most of Telos’s hives are formed around a weakness or breach that allows access to the ore beneath. Telos has also been subject to 3 imperial guard founding’s to date which have served with honour.

The capital of Telos is New Valhalla the city formed by Lord General Odin Sarsgaard and the remainder of his Valhalla regiments once the planet had been secured. Odin was made the first lord governor of the planet and the other cities scattered about the planet were formed by the survivors of the other regiments.