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CLARISA (The Combined League of American Russian Intelligence and strategic Assets) was formed as a response to the organisation known as SHADOW. SHADOW appears to be a worldwide organisation comprising several separate arms with the objective to increase tensions between the east and the west leading to World War 3.

The first evidence of SHADOW’s existence was discovered by a Russian agent by the name of Maxim Igoravich in 1956 although it is believed to have been active since the Second World War and possible earlier. During a mission into West Germany he was approached by an enemy agent offering to sell him American Missile secrets. Suspicious Maxim checked the agent’s background and could find no link to the American military; he broke into the agents rooms and found evidence of a link to the American Arms industry and communications from SHADOW. He broke contact with the agent and reported to his handler in Moscow who in turn passed the information up the chain of command. Within two days both Maxim and the handler were dead in separate accidents and all copies of the information had gone missing.

That would have been the end of it if Maxim had not also sent a copy of the information to a colleague of his from the great patriotic war Colonel Ivan ‘the wolf’ Lupov of the KGB. Having seen what had happened to Maxim and his colleagues Ivan decided that SHADOW obviously had operatives within the Russian Security services, not knowing who to trust Ivan formed his own organisation within the KGBs ranks to find out more information about SHADOW and to combat it. The first surprise was that SHADOW was not a western agency; suspected SHADOW agents were found to be helping both the West and the East and seemed to be trying to increase tensions between the two blocks.

Meanwhile the west first became aware of SHADOW and its doings in 1957 when Commander Charles ‘Cowboy’ Collins of US Naval Intelligence was awoken by a badly wounded Marine. The man later found to be named Phil Hinchman claimed that he and his team had been ordered to provide support in an attack on a Russian listening ship in international waters just off the coast of Russia. When the team of marines balked at the implications of the mission they were turned upon by the rest of the strike force. Phil himself was the only survivor and had managed to obtain some documents from his ‘commanding officer’ before escaping. Phil brought the documents to Charles and then died. Charles investigated the matter but found no evidence of the mission ever being planned or authorised by any part of the American Government, in addition Phil’s body and all evidence that he had ever existed disappeared and there was an attempt on Charles life. Charles faked his death and went undercover using his contacts in various intelligence agencies to try and investigate SHADOW further.

Neither Eastern or Western attempts to investigate SHADOW proved particularly successful over the following 2 years both discovered that SHADOW was a global organisation apparently split into several autonomous agencies with presumably an overall command structure although no such leader or leaders have been identified. In return it was clear that SHADOW was aware of both Lupov and Charles attempts to locate them and several agents from both sides were killed. The next step to the development of CLARISA was caused by Freda Kritsenhimer. Freda was the wife of an East German Physicist and a double agent recruited by the East to keep tabs on her possible suversist husband and by the west to pass on any of his discoveries. By chance her controllers were part of Lupov and Charles organisations and both sides asked her to keep an eye open for SHADOW activity. Taking a chance she reported to both her masters her divided loyalties and that both groups were investigation SHADOW.

After some negotiation it was agreed that the two sides would meet to pool information at a neutral location in Egypt. The leaders from both sides first met on the 23rd October 1960 and despite their differing backgrounds the two men got along well, the friendship was strengthened when SHADOW having somehow become aware of the meeting attached the hotel it took place in and the two of them had to fight their way to safety. From this first meeting the two organisations agreed to pool information and resources and formed CLARISA to combat SHADOW where it might operate.

Immediately the newly founded organisation ran into trouble, although the leadership was keen on cooperation the field agents were less willing and cooperation was difficult. Western teams working in the East and vicea versa did not contact their opposite numbers often leading to duplication of effort or in the worse cases outright hostility. In addition teams often worked for their own sides benefit even if it weakened CLARISA’s overall position. Eventually CLARISA was restructured to always work with mixed teams drawing manpower from both sides to try and obtain better cooperation. Surprisingly although although the field agents had difficulty integrating the research and development teams merged almost perfectly with only good natured rivalry between the two sides.


After several years of investigation little is known of the organisation known as SHADOW it is not even known what SHADOW stands for if anything. It is known that SHADOW is global in size and aims to increase tensions between the two sides of the cold war. SHADOW seems to consist of multiple organisations under a single leadership; each organisation may or may not be aware of each other and work on a cell structure. Each organisation has its own way of working and adjenda because of this and the low level of communication between organisations different sections of SHADOW often work at cross purposes and may sometimes outright fight with each other. To date SHADOW organisations seem to fit into one of four categories: -

1) Those organisations working for SHADOW for financial gain, often criminal organisations or weapons dealers who hope to profit from increased tensions between the east and west.

2) Those organisations hoping to increase tensions between the power blocks due to a belief that their own side would win any conflict. These organisations are some of CLARISA’s most potent opponents as they are often powerful members of their countries positions, military or espionage organisations. Obviously these organisations are the least likely to be aware that SHADOW has links to both superpowers.

3) Those organisations representing third parties who think that their own position would be improved by a war between the superpowers. Often small countries in Africa or Asia.

4) Those organisations who’s beliefs make an apocalyptic war a preferable outcome. Often fringe religious groups whose beliefs can make them the least predicable of SHADOWS minions.

It is known that SHADOW has powerful agents within both Eastern and Western governments and intelligence agencies and CLARISA is uncertain who it can trust within its own sides.


CLARISA (The Combined League of American Russian Intelligence and Strategic Assets) is a relatively new organisation formed approximately two years ago from the combined assets of small US and USSR intelligence organisations. CLARISA’s only objective is to combat SHADOWS influence throughout the world. As SHADOWS full influence is unknown CLARISA does not know who it can trust and thus keeps most of its assets secret even from its own governments. CLARISA does not follow a traditional cell structure instead it operates as a network of 'Friends'. Most of CLARISA’s agents have 'day jobs' working for other intelligence agencies and are approached and recruited by current CLARISA members. Before they are approached, two current CLARISA members must nominate a new member and a full background check be carried out. Once recruited agents continue with their day jobs but keep an eye out for any sign of SHADOW and will periodically be called up and be sent on specific missions are required.

Due to SHADOWS influence in the intelligence community although most of CLARISA's agent are drown from this sector a good number are from more civilian occupations although all members are given general espionage training. Due to this CLARISA has a wide range agents and has some members to cover almost all skill sets. When needed teams are formed of the 3-6 agents best suited to what is required and transported to wherever SHADOW is active. Following recent restructures each team must contain at least one member from the Eastern and Western block. When acting on each other’s 'turf' the team is led by an agent from the 'home side'; when on neutral ground, leadership is more complicated and a leader is either elected from within the team or appointed by CLARISA's leadership. Although originally created from the KGB and US Naval Intelligence, CLARISA has since spread to other agencies and allied countries.

CLARISA is run by a council made up of three people Colonel Ivan 'The Wolf' Lupov, Charles 'Cowboy' Collins and Freda Kritsenhimer. Lupov and Collins mostly run their own sides of the organisations while Kritsenhimer acts as a liaison between the two. The two men have very different leadership styles: Collins still works in the field and likes to get 'stuck in', while Lupov is more analytical and prefers to coordinate and integrate the information provided by field agents. Below the leadership is a small number of controllers who organise the specific missions in the fight with SHADOW and call on the large number of contacts who work for CLARISA. In addition. CLARISA has quite a large research and development arm which provide equipment and support for the field agents, the eastern and western arms of the R & D group are quite competitive and most equipment is passed from side to side with reach group trying to improve on the others work before it is used in the field.