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The ORC Website uses the free UddeIM system to send messages (PMs, or Personal Messsages). This software allows you to send attachments (up to 1MB) and create groups - handy if you're a GM!


  • Mail is kept in the Inbox for 90 days before being purged. A "Forget-me-not" email is sent to the the recipient if it remains unread after 30 days.
  • Sent Mail in the Outbox is kept for 90 days before being purged.
  • The Archive can store up to 50 PM items. They can also be sent to your normal email address too. These items are not deleted.
  • Messages remain in the Trashcan for 2 days.

Mailing Lists Contacts

These lists contain either players looking for a game, or to contact a specific group of individuals. Just click on the link or alternatively add a '#' symbol e.g "#LookingForAGame"

  • LookingForAGame - an opt-in list for Edinburgh Gamers.
  • LookingForAGame-EastLothian - an opt-in list for East Lothian Gamers.
  • LookingForAGame-Midlothian - an opt-in list for Midlothian Gamers.
  • LookingForAGame-WestLothian - an opt-in list for West Lothian Gamers.
  • Moderators - the ORC Edinburgh Forum Moderators.