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The majority of the lands of the known world have a feudal system of government. At its lowest level small areas of land containing a few villages or hamlets ruled over by a local lord who provides protection from other lords and bandits in exchange for a rent normally in the form of a proportion of the resources (food and in mining regions ore). Each village normally has a headman which is either an elected or hereditary position who runs the day by day organisation and interacts with the lord. In turn the local lord is pledged to a greater lord such as a baron who requires taxes and men from his lesser lords and in return provides further protection. This chain carries on up to the king of the country. The strength of the links vary from country to country as do the names of the different types of lord with some like Katham having a lot of social movement and a weak king while others like Kislev have very little social movement. Although the majority of the population still live in rural environments a number of larger cities were formed at the time of empire and have remained and even grown since. These are normally ruled over by a high ranking lord often assisted by a mayor elected from other nobles and important people in the city.

At a national level, there are often many boarder disputes with the lords holding land at the borders often changing sides or being conquered fairly frequently. More recently boarder troubles have reduced as nations turned their armies on the Orc although with the end of the wars disputes have increased again. A recent development has been a higher level of diplomacies between different countries allowing large scale alliances to be formed. For instance, Frizia and some parts of Katham allied with North Tombia to allow its formation whereas prior to the orc wars Southron, Galea and Ironforge had become close to act against Katham.

Below are people of note from the various kingdoms: -

Dark Lands

None – The dark lands have no overall leader and although local chieftains may have power on the small scale most of the population of the known world do not know much of the goblins.


Queen Mary the 12th – Recently crowned ruler of Frizia after her father’s death in the orc wars. Currently being courted by several high ranking nobles of her and several other countries.


King Meredoc – Beloved ruler of Galea, lead his capitals forces in both sieges during the orc wars. An ambitious man hoping to rebuild his kingdom quickly and maybe take advantage of Southron’s losses

Duke Valen – The younger brother of king Meredoc and famous for breaking the first siege of Galea. He is considered one of the greatest fighters of his generation although his skills at leadership do not keep up with his personal skills.


Stone Lord Monk – Ruler of Ironforge, has been criticised by many other kings for locking his people away during the orc wars and making a large profit selling weapons to the alliance forces but is greatly loved by his people.


King Henry – Current ruler of Katham although due to be re-elected in 6 months. Like most Kathamian leaders he has little power to control his country and mostly works on his own holdings.

Seneschal Mathew Greenhelm – The power behind the throne in Katham, Greenhelm has worked for several dozen kings so far and is the only person who holds the country together with its frequent change of kings. With his advancing age and poor health many worry what will happen once he dies.

Lord Buchannan – One of the more powerful lords of Katham, and a mage of some power. He has close links to North Tombia and was trained there after his father aided in the formation of that kingdom.


King Francis the 20th – Current ruler of Kimbala, as with many of his predecessors more or less figurehead in the running of the country. Hierophant Cuthbert – Current supreme religious authority of the known world. A very ambitious man who has spent most of his reign attempting to unify the churches of the other countries under his control with mixed success.

Kirin Tor

Grand mistress Helena Franco – The current ruler of the Kirin Tor known for her great rivalry with his brother in North Tombia is openly attempting to find blackmail material on him, going as far as to aid South Tombia against him risking the Tor neutral position in national politics.


Tzar Ivan the 6th – Despotic ruler of Kislev, rarely leaves his country or takes part in global events.

Lord Remus – Ambassador from Kislev to Royal Meath and the public face of the country.

North Tombia

Grand magister Alonzo Franco – North Tombia has a ruling council rather than a king and Alonzo acts as the chairman. Brother to Helena of the Kirin Tor Alonzo is a consummate politician who has made many alliances for North Tombia

Royal Meath

King Julian – The first male ruler of Meath for many generations due to its matrilineal inheritance system. He organised the other kingdoms to ally during the orc wars and was made the high king of the council of kings. He is attempting to keep the organisation in place now the wars have ended.


King Galen – Ruler of Southron until the Orc wars. He tried to reform his country from a military to a cultural powerhouse and was killed early in the orc wars.

King Rupert – Last king of Southron and son of Galen, killed in the defence of his capital.

Father Guffry – A distant relative of the Southron king, now living in Kimbala, it technically the ruler of Southron in exile but has few followers although the Hierophant has been championing his cause.

South Tombia

King Boris the 3rd – Current ruler of Tombia.

High Inquisitor – The head of the inquisition, like his or her predecessors the identity of this individual is not known. He or she is known to be attempting to organise a retake of the land now occupied by North Tombia.


Queen Tatiana the 18th – Ruler of Summervale has been more outgoing than many of her predecessors having sent ambassadors to the other courts and has taken an active role in some of the closing battles of the orc wars.