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The Church of Chaotic Unity

The Church is large and interplanetary chaos cult. Many imperial worlds have a branch of the cult although it rarely acts as a unified organisation and generally has little respect from other cults.

The Church believes that the Warp itself is a single sentient organism beyond human understanding. What we see as numerous chaos gods and demons are in fact different aspects of a single being. Thus it is pointless for different facets of chaos to fight against each other and all should unite to deal with the enemies of chaos, most importantly the Imperium. Members of the cult may choose to worship one or more 'facet' of chaos but should not work against other facets.

This position make the Church a useful group for arranging alliances between normally antagonistic cults but tend to be seems as weak and leaderless by more powerful cults. The Church is commonly used by cat’s paws by various charismatic leaders who use it for their own gain while paying lip service to their ideas.

The Church in Babel is relatively large although it has recently taken significant losses against a rival cult. There are well over a hundred full time members and a network of over ten times that that can supply information or act as spies. Most of the members of the cult and upper lower class members of the various guild although they contain a range of members from slum dwellers to nobles. Until recently the cult leader was Agus Crane a low level Noble, however, at after his death at the axe of a rival cult leader leadership has fallen to the chosen ones (The players). Other important members of the cult are Legion and the Oracle.