Omega Squad - Mission Report I

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Attn: Watch Captain Severus, Fortress Erioch Priority Epsilon, Encoding Standard Omega-Delta-Phi

Watch Captain,

In the absence of an elected Squad Leader, I have encoded this message and requested it be sent to you by the Marques Du Chance's Astropaths as their have been important developments.

It is the first day of our voyage en route to the planet Aurom, and we are accompanied by the Governor Elect, and Alex Severus, whose role has so far not been ascertained.

Having settled ourselves in our allocated quarters, the squad went about their duties to the Emperor in familiarising themselves with areas of the ship. When doing so, we were attacked. We have so far encountered 4 distinct groups of what seem to be rogue weapon Servitors: Brothers Eigen and Gabriel swiftly dealt with two in the lower decks; Brother Stern was attacked by another pair on the gun decks; two attacked Camerone and myself on route from the bridge to the gun decks. The Governor Elect and Severus were also attacked in another area of the ship. We have neutralised the threats encountered so far, more servitors have made their way to the bridge. The total number of attackers is unknown at this time, as is the cause or the perpetrator of the attacks. We have so far found no link between the ship's crew and the servitors; Brother Camerone is satisfied that their machine spirits have been separated from that of the ship. What is clear is that something is not right here.

However, we shall contain this threat, we shall root out those responsible, and the mission shall go on as planned. Rest assured that Aurom will be brought into the Imperial fold.

For the glory of the All Father Brother Hagaar, Omega Squad