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A number of skills that appear in the Players Handbook need clarification regarding their application and use in the New World. These rules take precedence over those found in the PHB.

Handle Animal

As intimated in the Players Handbook, this skill can be used on Dinosaurs.


A number of the Knowledge skills have modifiers. In most cases, a -2 Circumstances penalty applies.

  • Knowledge (Arcana) remains unchanged from the PHB.
  • Knowledge (architecture and engineering) remains unchanged.
  • Knowledge (dungeoneering). Allows Survival checks to be made when underground, or in the root systems of the jungle
  • Knowledge (geography) Allows Survival checks to keep from getting lost or for avoiding hazards.
  • Knowledge (history) only relates areas inhabited by Humans.
  • Knowledge (local). Gather Information checks only relates to areas inhabited by Humans. It cannot be taken by starting characters.
  • Knowledge (nature). Survival checks in above-ground natural environments or in the root systems of the jungle. It cannot be taken by starting characters.
  • Knowledge (nobility and royalty) remains unchanged. Diplomacy checks only relates to Human areas.
  • Knowledge (religion). A character with 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (religion) does not gain a +2 bonus to their turning checks against Undead.


This skill can be used on Dinosaurs.

Sense Motive

A non-LizardFolk character using this skill on a LizardFolk receives a -2 penalty to the DC when using Sense Motive. LizardFolk using this skill on other LizardFolk suffer no penalty.

Speak Language

Only a smattering of languages are spoken by humans and other races. Players can choose from the following list for starting characters: Common, Dwarven, Elvish, Goblin, or Orcish. They may also choose further languages if their class permits them to e.g. Celestial in the case of good-aligned clerics, and Draconic in the case of Wizards.

PCs can learn Draconic from LizardFolk, Kobolds, etc. Although this is the language of Arcane magic, it is a different and far more primitive" dialect" than that used by Wizards and Sorcerors in their spells.

Characters can also choose Gnome and Halfling, the languages of the island primitives.

Amongst themselves, LizardFolk speak Saurian, a more complex and intricate language that also involves sign language and gestures. PCs can learn Saurian at cost of 6 skill points - but without a tail something can get "lost in the translation".


All PCs have a -2 penalty to their Survival skill checks. LizardFolk have no penalty.