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The best description of legion is ordinary. He is of average height, average build and has no specific identifying features it is easy for him to get lost in the crowd. The only unusual thing about Legion is that there appears to be several of him. Although it is rare for more than one of him to be present at any given time it is not uncommon for him to be known to be present at several locations at once. Multiple copies of Legion if in the same place often disappear once out of sight; although on occasion 2 or 3 of him may remain present at once although they do not interact or react to each other’s presence. Although Legion seems aware of this power he is tight-lipped on its origin and limits, if any.

In personality Legion seems subservient to the wishes of the cult and seems to have no goals of his self. His closest attachment seems to be to the Oracle who introduced him to the cult several years ago.


The Oracle is the minor psychic who has been a member of the church for as long as anyone can remember. Her powers seem to mostly be based on precognition and prescience. Her for knowledge has long protected the cult from it enemies. She recently predicted that a number of 'chosen ones' would be sent to the hive by the gods to lead the cult to take over the hive and maybe the whole world. She correctly predicted where the chosen ones would arrive and sent legion to collect them. If she foreshore the death of the previous cult leader she did not tell him.

The Oracle appears as an elderly woman of both poor hygiene and sanity. Apart from brief moments of lucidity she often spends hours talking to herself and imaginary friends. When lucid is seems rather sly bargaining her foreknowledge for protection and aid by others.