March 2085

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A Bitter Harvest

Asked to investigate the possible manufacture of Ecaryline (a hallucinogenic compound whose effects resembled a high similar to Opium and Mescaline), the herbs were discovered at Pentangle To Go, a mageware shop in Granton, close to the Arcology wall. While engaged in surveillance, the group finds that they too are being watched, by ten individuals who disappear down a manhole into a maintenance shaft that emerges into Hailesland, beyond the walls.

There have also been a number of disappearances (36) and the kaleidoscope pattern recognition puts a pickup truck a several of the scenes, which also appears to have delivered to Pentangle to Go. The truck is not registered to anyone in the arcology and appears make regular runs to the city, but bypasses the normal checkpoints. The group discovers another tunnel, this time leading into the city, obviously the means by which the pick-up enters. When it makes another run the group affix a tracking device: the truck stops a short distance outside the city and also at the small hamlet, Arunstoun...

The group drive into Hailesland narrowly avoiding a makeshift minefield that would have destroyed their Saracen. Two of the group edge forward, and are witness to a horrific ritual, with both Ghouls and human celebrants engaged in an orgy. The still-living bodies of the disappeared have been stitched together into a horrific tree structure. The cultists are all crying the phrase "Ia Shub-Nigurrath, fahtagn agak'n n'neplui ph'an lui t'gar, shar!".

The Fall of China

There is also dark news from Asia. The constant rainstorms that have plagued Europe have been stirred up the Rapine Storm. As NEG troops mass in Operation Retribution's Hammer to assault the Migou in the north of China, they have pulled many resources from the South, and the Kill Zone where the Rapine Storm are held at bay.

The unthinkable happens: the Dead God's call sends a number of NEG pilots in the Kill Zone into suicidal attacks against their own listening posts. Blinded, the NEG are unable to react quickly enough as the Rapine Storm pour into China tearing into the South of China.